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juggledad Feb 20, 2011 06:09 AM

Atahualpa 3.6.5 TODO
To do for 3.6.5
* BUGFIX 364-01: “Title tags in Category Menu Bar” fails to remove muti-line title
* BUGFIX 364-02: CSS Compression does not happen if 'Allow debugging?' is 'Yes'
* BUGFIX 364-03: Background and Border not honored using page/cat centered
* BUGFIX 364-04: Tagline will show when Overlay Blog TITLE over Header Image(s)? = yes
* BUGFIX 364-05: No link to the full post shown on excerpt when post has no title
* BUGFIX 364-06: Post Date does not work in 'FOOTER: xxxx'
* BUGFIX 364-07: Correction to how Excerpts are processed
* BUGFIX 364-08: Using the 'Display Avatar' plugin causes two copies of the avatar

* DOC 364-01: In 'Style & configure comments->Show XHTML tags?'

* wrong accented characters shown inside search results
* Jquery Issue in ATA 3.6.1+
* Make DD_Roundies.js not be included as the default
* RFE make IE mode (7,8,9) selectable
* Don't check for wpmu-settings.php
* Bug on translation
* RFE: Atahualpa's CSS is not compatible with SSL pages

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