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Problems with Cyrillic

Old Jun 25, 2009, 11:05 AM
3 posts · Jun 2009
Hello. Hope you can help.

I'm starting a blog in Russian language (written in Cyrillic alphabet) here: http://www.helpmarbella.com/blog/. I don't need too much localization, the problem is about Cyrillic in Categories.

They appear perfectly but when you navigate to a CATEGORY (Категории in Russian) the title of the page is unreadable... which is strange because if you navigate to my STATIC PAGE ("Соблазны Марбельи"), the title of the page appears correctly in Cyrillic next to the blog name....

I need to render the Cyrillic correctly on all page titles....
Can someone help with this? thanks

Im using WP 2.8 and ATAHUALPA 3.3.3

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Old Jun 26, 2009, 03:41 PM
Flynn's Avatar
3,768 posts · Oct 2008
Munich, Germany
Do you mean this


at http://www.helpmarbella.com/blog/cat...social/famous/ ?

That doesn't seem to be part of the theme, Are you using a plugin to display that?
Old Jun 28, 2009, 04:50 AM
3 posts · Jun 2009
Yes, for example. If you click the link http://www.helpmarbella.com/blog/cat...social/famous/
you should see "Знаменитости" as the title of the window. Instead of this you have "�намени�о��и:" as the title... The encoding is lost at a certain point when you navigate to category. This doesn't happen with static pages and it only happen with ATAHUALPA.

And no, I don't use any plugin to display the page.
Old Jun 29, 2009, 07:36 PM
Flynn's Avatar
3,768 posts · Oct 2008
Munich, Germany
Now I see that you mean the meta title tag and it is indeed messed up. However if I name one category on a test blog Знаменитости and click on that category the meta title tag displays as Знаменитости

When I said that doesn't seem to belong to the theme I meant that the on page title on a category page, the Знаменитости above the actual posts, at http://www.helpmarbella.com/blog/cat...social/famous/ is usually not displayed in Atahualpa. How did you get that to be displayed there?

I am not denying that there probably is a encoding problem with non standard character sets but I cannot replicate it in this case. I am investigating it and if you could tell me what you did to display the category title at the top of http://www.helpmarbella.com/blog/cat...social/famous/ it may be helpful
Old Jun 30, 2009, 03:48 AM
3 posts · Jun 2009
I really appreciate your investigation!
To display the category title I just used the trick given by juggledad here:
Now it surprise me that you can't reproduce the problem... something is wrong with my setup?

Let me know if you find a solution for my issue. In the meanwhile: how can I remove the Category name from all the meta tag titles? and is this last solution not a bad idea for SEO? or maybe I should replace the Category name in meta tag titles by the Category Slug? (which is the english version of the category name...) How can I do that?

Another idea: May the plugin "Category Page" (page2cat) be a solution for me?

Thanks in advance.


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