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A note of thanks

Old Nov 3, 2009, 12:52 PM
19 posts · Oct 2009
After installing Atahualpa, then un-installing it in favor of other, more ‘canned’ themes, I found that I was never happy with either the features of those themes nor with the level of support delivered.

Yesterday, I was trolling BFA Showcase forum and came across the site at http://www.profiphotos.com/blog/, an Atahualpa based theme. The site is layered, visually rich, very impressive. I realized this adaptation of Ata theme could be a model and so I set-out to adapt it to my site.

Naturally, I had questions, most of which already had answers in existing forum posts, including sample code, step-by-step instructions, even sample background images. All very easy to understand and patiently explained with no tone of condescension.

One doesn’t always get that experience in the online environment.

My site is much improved, close to my liking. This took some time, even with the forums. Still, the task would be much more difficult/impossible without the theme and forum support. Consequently, I like to document my sites, so a docs page holds forum links to important ATO topics I do not want to research again later. Around my fourth link, I realized what an asset the forum is, perhaps as much or more than the theme itself. Now, anyone can download/install a theme. But…what next? If one wants to customize the theme, the code must be accessible and the author available to answer questions. BFA does just that.

The theme and support forums saved me dozens (probably many dozens) of hours and made possible a professional look, unique to my site, of which I have almost total control. And for that the BFA asks only a donation. So I did.

Such a deal. Thanks, Flynn.
-dean shultz

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