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Using the Clean Options plugin... Delete bfa_ata files?

Old Dec 16, 2011, 01:36 PM
ARealpolitik's Avatar
130 posts · Jun 2010
Using ATA 3.5.1 WP 3.3

I have a g-zillion of these files within my servers options folder. Question: Can I delete these files?

I did find this thread and I have migrated to 3.5.1 (is what I have now) so are these files leftovers from previous versions? And are they safe to delete?


bfa_ata_add_descr_cat_menu_links * Google it bfa_ata_add_descr_cat_menu_links
bfa_ata_anchor_border_cat_menu_bar * Google it bfa_ata_anchor_border_cat_menu_bar
bfa_ata_anchor_border_page_menu_bar * Google it bfa_ata_anchor_border_page_menu_bar
bfa_ata_author_highlight * Google it bfa_ata_author_highlight
bfa_ata_author_highlight_border_color * Google it bfa_ata_author_highlight_border_color
bfa_ata_author_highlight_color * Google it bfa_ata_author_highlight_color
bfa_ata_avatar_size * Google it bfa_ata_avatar_size
bfa_ata_avatar_style * Google it bfa_ata_avatar_style
bfa_ata_blog_tagline_show * Google it bfa_ata_blog_tagline_show
bfa_ata_blog_tagline_style * Google it bfa_ata_blog_tagline_style
bfa_ata_blog_title_color * Google it bfa_ata_blog_title_color
bfa_ata_blog_title_color_hover * Google it bfa_ata_blog_title_color_hover
bfa_ata_blog_title_show * Google it bfa_ata_blog_title_show
bfa_ata_blog_title_style * Google it bfa_ata_blog_title_style
bfa_ata_blog_title_weight * Google it bfa_ata_blog_title_weight
bfa_ata_body_style * Google it bfa_ata_body_style
bfa_ata_category_widget_display_type * Google it bfa_ata_category_widget_display_type
bfa_ata_cat_menu_arrows * Google it bfa_ata_cat_menu_arrows
bfa_ata_cat_menu_bar_background_color * Google it bfa_ata_cat_menu_bar_background_color

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Old Dec 16, 2011, 03:39 PM
juggledad's Avatar
23,763 posts · Mar 2009
OSX 10.11.5 WP 4.x Atahualpa(all) Safari, Firefox, Chrome
Yes the 'bfa_ata_....' are from the theme prior to 3.4.7. Prior to 3.4.7 all the atalualpa options were stored in individual rows in the wp-options table separately. As of 3.4.7 they are stored all in one row with the prefix 'bfa_ata4'.
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