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[SOLVED] Static Home Page Displaying New Posts

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Old Jul 28, 2010, 12:04 PM
Indubitable Turtle
5 posts · Jul 2010
[SOLVED] Static Home Page Displaying New Posts

Okay, I have a really strange problem that I just can't figure out. I'm working on a client's site that I've set up with Wordpress 3.0 and Atahualpa 3.5.1.

I have the site (an outfitting company site) set up with a static front page with a Recent Posts slider powered by Slidedeck Lite, followed by the page content. I have a separate blog page set up called News & Events. There are two existing posts, both in the only existing category, News and Events.

My problem is that any new posts that I publish go not only to the News & Events page, as they should, but also to the home page, where they display above where the slider should be--and occasionally the slider disappears as well.

A screenshot of what I'm talking about:

What it should look like:

In the source code, it looks like so:

<div class="post-48 page type-page hentry post" id="post-48"> 
    <div class="post-headline">		
    <div class="post-bodycopy clearfix">
       <p><img class="aligncenter size-full wp-image-208" title="Traditional bow hunter ready to go!" src="http://pinelandoutfittersofidaho.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/07/IMG017-2.jpg" alt="Traditional bow hunter ready to go!" width="303" height="448" /> Once again as the dog days of summer are draining us all and we anticipate those cooler days and nights which signify the changing of the seasons, it is time to get ready for that fall hunt. We are featuring archery elk hunts during September for a camp of 3.</p> 

    <div class="slidedeck_frame skin-light">
        <dl id="SlideDeck_837_227" class="slidedeck slidedeck_227" style="width:100%;height:370px">
            <dt>Fall Hunting Preview</dt>
           <dd><div class="sd-node sd-node-container"> 
                   <div class="sd-node sd-node-content"> 
                   <div class="sd-node sd-node-type sd-node-type-recent">Fall Hunting Preview</div> 
                   <div class="sd-node sd-node-title"><a href="http://pinelandoutfittersofidaho.com/fall-hunting-preview-2/" >Fall Hunting Preview</a></div> 
                   <div class="sd-node sd-node-timesince">Posted 21 hours ago</div> 
                   <div class="sd-node sd-node-excerpt"></div> 
                   <div class="sd-node sd-node-permalink"><a href="http://pinelandoutfittersofidaho.com/fall-hunting-preview-2/" >Read More</a></div> 
<div class="sd-node sd-node-image"> 
<div class="sd-node sd-node-image-child"><img src="http://pinelandoutfittersofidaho.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/07/IMG017-2.jpg" alt="Fall Hunting Preview" width="169" height="250" /></div> 
</dd><dt>Backcountry Trail Running Trips</dt><dd><div class="sd-node sd-node-container"> 
<div class="sd-node sd-node-content"> 
<div class="sd-node sd-node-type sd-node-type-recent">Backcountry Trail Running Trips</div> 
<div class="sd-node sd-node-title"><a href="http://pinelandoutfittersofidaho.com/backcountry-trail-running-trips/" >Backcountry Trail Running Trips</a></div> 
<div class="sd-node sd-node-timesince">Posted 28 days ago</div> 
<div class="sd-node sd-node-excerpt"> 
<p>Pineland Outfitters of Idaho is now organizing back-country trail running trips, led by our professional guides through some of the most spectacular scenery in the country. Local wildlife, stunning views,…</p> 
<div class="sd-node sd-node-permalink"><a href="http://pinelandoutfittersofidaho.com/backcountry-trail-running-trips/" >Read More</a></div> 
<div class="sd-node sd-node-image"> 
<div class="sd-node sd-node-image-child"><img src="http://pinelandoutfittersofidaho.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/06/backcountryrunning.jpg" alt="Backcountry Trail Running Trips" width="270" height="202" /></div> 
</dd><dt>Wolf Hunting in Idaho</dt><dd><div class="sd-node sd-node-container"> 
<div class="sd-node sd-node-content"> 
<div class="sd-node sd-node-type sd-node-type-recent">Wolf Hunting in Idaho</div> 
<div class="sd-node sd-node-title"><a href="http://pinelandoutfittersofidaho.com/wolf-hunting-in-idaho/" >Wolf Hunting in Idaho</a></div> 
<div class="sd-node sd-node-timesince">Posted 28 days ago</div> 
<div class="sd-node sd-node-excerpt"> 
<p>Last September, a federal judge cleared the way for legal hunting of wolves in the states of Idaho and Montana for the first time since 1974, when the predators were…</p> 
<div class="sd-node sd-node-permalink"><a href="http://pinelandoutfittersofidaho.com/wolf-hunting-in-idaho/" >Read More</a></div> 
<div class="sd-node sd-node-image"> 
<div class="sd-node sd-node-image-child"><img src="http://pinelandoutfittersofidaho.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/06/graywolf.jpg" alt="Wolf Hunting in Idaho" width="250" height="247" /></div> 
</dd></dl><a href="#previous" class="sd-node sd-node-nav-link sd-node-previous">Previous</a><a href="#next" class="sd-node sd-node-nav-link sd-node-next">Next</a><ul class="sd-node sd-node-nav sd-node-nav-primary sd-node-navigation-type-simple-dots sd-node-total-3"><li><a href="#1" class="sd-node-nav-link"><span class="sd-node-nav-link-label-date">Jul 27</span><span class="sd-node-nav-link-label-title">Fall Hunting Preview</span></a></li><li><a href="#2" class="sd-node-nav-link"><span class="sd-node-nav-link-label-date">Jun 30</span><span class="sd-node-nav-link-label-title">Backcountry Trail Running Trips</span></a></li><li><a href="#3" class="sd-node-nav-link"><span class="sd-node-nav-link-label-date">Jun 30</span><span class="sd-node-nav-link-label-title">Wolf Hunting in Idaho</span></a></li></ul></div> 
<p>Pineland Outfitters of Idaho offers to the avid outdoorsman a variety of opportunities to pursue the wilds of the Frank Church River of No Return Wilderness and enjoy a backcountry outfitting experience “as good as it gets.”</p> 
<p>Pineland Outfitters’ goal is to produce a quality outdoor experience that offers prime opportunities for its clients to return home with a trophy and memories of a lifetime. With Pineland Outfitters, clients get an extra effort in order to be provided the best outdoor opportunity possible.</p> 
<p>Our guides and packers are experienced and knowledgeable. The outfitting permits encompass over 250 square air miles and great pride is taken in the knowledge that the guides know the complete working area. As soon as the snow has cleared and the area is accessible, everyone is busy riding and clearing trails, clearing and cleaning campsites, scouting and preparing for the activities that begin in May.</p> 
</div><!-- / Post -->
Any ideas? This is a major glitch that is a huge problem for my client, and I'd like to get it solved ASAP! Thanks in advance!

Last edited by Indubitable Turtle; Jul 28, 2010 at 12:13 PM.


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