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Bug? Atahualpa 3.3.3 Theme Options > Category Menu Bar

Old May 16, 2009, 10:55 AM
2 posts · May 2009
Germany, near Hanover
It seems I have found a bug. On my blog I use the category menu bar ordered by name. This works fine in 3.3.2. Yesterday I switched over to 3.3.3. Now the categories are ordered by ID whatever else I select.

I tried to figure out what is actually saved in the database table and found:
option_name: bfa_ata_sorting_cat_menu_bar
option_value: name
Now that looks quite right to me but my category menu bar is still sorted by ID. I checked several different browser and remembered to empty the cache, too. When I switch back to 3.3.2 the order is by name again.

Any idea where the problem is?


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Old May 16, 2009, 06:42 PM
Flynn's Avatar
3,768 posts · Oct 2008
Munich, Germany
Thank you for finding this. To fix it in 3.3.3 change in functions/bfa_hor_cats.php

if ( !function_exists('mycategoryorder') ) { $sort_order = "ID"; }


if ( !function_exists('mycategoryorder') AND $sort_order == "order" ) { $sort_order = "ID"; }
Old May 17, 2009, 01:25 AM
2 posts · May 2009
Germany, near Hanover
Thanks for your help, now my categories are ordered alphabetically again

Old May 17, 2009, 05:45 PM
3 posts · May 2009
Possibly related? I want to order my category menu by 'order'. I am using the my-category-order plugin and selecting 'order' for 'Sort Category Menu Bar by' in the theme options. However it sorts by ID.
Any suggestions?
Old May 19, 2009, 08:57 PM
Flynn's Avatar
3,768 posts · Oct 2008
Munich, Germany
It works for me for the (horizontal) category menu bar. It may not work for the WP default category widget. Perhaps a MySQL user permission issue? http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/my-category-order/
Old Jun 1, 2009, 08:46 PM
149 posts · Apr 2009
Dev Env't: XP Pro SP3, IIS 5.1, MySQL 5.1, PHP 5.2.x, WP 2.7.1, Atahualpa 3.3.3, IE 7, FF 3.0.x
Originally Posted by Flynn
Thank you for finding this. To fix it in 3.3.3 change in functions/bfa_hor_cats.php

if ( !function_exists('mycategoryorder') ) { $sort_order = "ID"; }


if ( !function_exists('mycategoryorder') AND $sort_order == "order" ) { $sort_order = "ID"; }
This fix works great! Thank you!! As background:

I have WP 2.7.1 and Atahualpa 3.3.3

I'd set up my Configure Header Area to include "%cats" as the last value in the string. I then went into Category Menu Bar and set Sort Category Menu Bar by: Name, and Sorting Order Category Menu Bar by: ASC.

At the moment I have just three Categories (I'm mid development and will be adding more), they are (in alpha order): Fundamentals (Cat =3), Management (Cat=4), Uncategorized (Cat =1).

When I sorted by ASC I got, horizontally, Management (Cat=4), Fundamentals (Cat=3), Uncategorized (Cat=1).

When I stored by DESC I got, horizontally, Uncategorized (Cat=1), Fundamentals (Cat=3), Management (Cat=4). Everything but, Fundamentals, Management, Uncategorized.

Clearly it was sorting by ID. ... After the above fix, problem solved.


category bar menu, menu bar, menubar

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