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[SOLVED] Mysterious IE call???

Old Dec 8, 2009, 03:52 PM
jack96161's Avatar
66 posts · May 2009
[The mysterious invoking of IE appears to have been related to a Firefox addon I've used for some time that lets me open a page currently displayed in Firefox but in a separate tab for testing purposes. When I couldn't recreate the problem on other systems, I disabled it and the problem disappeared.]
I am a Firefox user through and through - I've set it as my default browser both via Mozilla and Microsoft configurations (on XP). Imagine my surprise (and dismay) when checking out a site nearly ready to go live and discovered that although invoking the site (http://www.raceskitrader.com/newsite/) either from Firefox or Thunderbird email, it loads in Firefox with the "Welcome" (aka' home) page. Navigate to any other page via the sliding door menu or sidebar menu and it brings it up in Firefox.

BUT! After selecting any other page and then clicking on "Welcome" to return to the home page, that page gets loaded by calling IE! If I didn't have to test my web sites in IE I wouldn't even have it on my system, but... What on earth has Microsoft done to rear it's ugly head unexpectedly?

I have another web site using Atahualpa where this doesn't happen. I seem to recall something talked about here that referred to setting up a static home page but I can't find it now. I'm on WP 2.8.6 and Atahualpa 3.4.4 - BTW, I use these purely for a CMS, with no blogging page whatsoever. Has anyone seen anything like this?


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