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mcphoto Aug 5, 2009 03:49 PM

[SOLVED] No Sidebars after Upgrade
Hello - I just upgraded to ATA 3.4.1 on a functioning wordpress 2.7.1 install.

My existing layout used a right sidebar on everything but single-post pages; got no sidebars now, and I've tried turning on several different sidebars but they still won't display- a forum search doesn't turn up any known issues. Url is http://landalerts.com

To upgrade ATA, I went through my existing ATA install and changed any Theme Options that called for a background image in the atahualpa/images folder to a top-level directory (mainly for future housekeeping), verified the site looked correct and switched to 3.4.1 - looks like everything updated perfectly, except I have no sidebars.

The only change I've made is to start on a customized header, which for now is simple (code below) but may later be flash or HTML - this is in the ATA configure header panel, but when I delete the DIV and have only %bar2 etc, I still have no sidebars - that doesn't seem to be the issue.


<div style="height: 400px;"><img src="http://landalerts.com/content/hdr.jpg" width="900" height="400"/></div>%bar2 %pages %bar1
LOVE being able to code in the header config, by the way - any help would be appreciated!

juggledad Aug 5, 2009 07:41 PM

at ATO->Style & configure SIDEBARS->RIGHT sidebar: Display on: - are all teh items checked? Is there anything at ATO->Style & configure SIDEBARS->RIGHT sidebar: Don't display on Pages:?
or in RIGHT sidebar: Don't display on Categories:?

mcphoto Aug 5, 2009 08:01 PM

Nope, I've been using this theme for some time - all boxes are checked for right sidebar except "single posts" - (I tried it with all checked as well) - I tried activating other sidebars, etc - nothing displays them in safari or firefox (mac). Haven't fired up the PC for a look.

After I posted today, I made a template for the home page with static content - now just the home page has a right sidebar. Weird & frustrating.

juggledad Aug 5, 2009 08:54 PM

Zip the theme and send it to me so I can compare it and test it

mcphoto Aug 6, 2009 08:34 AM

I zipped it and posted it here:


I haven't touched any files, except to copy the index as a new template (home.php). When I switched my home page to use that template, the sidebar worked on that page.

mcphoto Aug 6, 2009 09:28 AM

I solved it;

Under the previous version, I had 43 separate templates (using categories to make posts "searchable").

Today I did a global search & replace on those to make them all "new version" templates & uploaded them; I guess the theme was searching for template files that weren't there - not sure why it would render the pages without sidebars, but the entire site is updated now.

Man, I was worried about re-writing all those templates, but search & replace did it all in a minute or so.

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