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stevinoz Jan 3, 2019 04:00 AM

ZipPay or Zip Pay - how to add to Atahualpa
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2 simple steps to add zip pay to your Atahualpa Themed site:

1. install the zip plugin to suit your shop plugin, for me was "Zip - Woocommerce" then activate.

2 install the "Root Element Defining line of code for the Zip JS Library" that you will need to get from zip, all you really need is the Merchant ID, put that big number in this Div replacing the # <div data-zm-merchant="#" data-env="production"> then add to your Atahualpa Theme Options/Style and edit Footer/Footer Content/ where the copyright is along with the privacy policy page %page-657% (whatever post number that page is).

DO NOT LET THEM EDIT YOUR PHP CODE! or they will break your site, they edit the header.php in the theme which will stop the theme from working properly, after that they don't have enough access to fix it.

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