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grabutty Jan 21, 2010 05:26 PM

Center column fixed height with scrollbar

I am working on a page where I would like the center column to have a fixed height displaying blog posts that the reader can simply scroll down through to read. I have found a couple of posts here, but there was no outcome to the problem posted.

I tried modifying the css (through the theme options) to include max-height, but this had no effect.

Any help would be much appreciated!



bymclaugh Mar 22, 2010 07:38 PM

I'd love to do this same thing. Did you ever have any luck with this? If not, does anyone know how to do this?

Thanks in advance!

VickieLynn Sep 21, 2010 09:18 PM

A TON of people have viewed this thread and NOBODY has figured this one out!? Darn! I really need to fix the height of the middle container for a client's site at http://www.sozoent.com. Can't anybody help with this??? Seems simple but nothing is working. I can't find where the "element.style" height is coming from..it changes so I know it's dynamic. I just want to cut it out and call it specifically. Scrolling would be awful nice but for now, I can limit the content and put "next" links if I have to!

Thanks, hopefully.


VickieLynn Sep 23, 2010 05:13 PM

Nobody, eh? Damn. I think this issue must have something to do with all the clearfix codes that are everywhere since this theme was basically made so that the content area would float around, but I've made everything absolute. Any help would be very much appreciated. :)

furiousfrog Oct 18, 2010 08:43 AM

Hi there,

This may not be what you're looking for, but I've managed to make the entire body scroll in a fixed size window. I've kept the header fixed using Eric Bobrow's fix here:http://forum.bytesforall.com/showthread.php?t=6145. The scroll bar was hidden by the header but I've made it visible using position: fixed and negative margin values. However, I'm still working on the ability to control the height on the centre column only. Will let you know if I find anything out.

Regardless, adding this to Add HTML/CSS inserts will make the page autoscroll in a fixed height window.

#wrapper, {
max-height: 600px;

{max-height: 600px;

furiousfrog Oct 18, 2010 08:57 AM

Slight improvement. By adding this:

height: 600px;

into ATO>Style POSTS & PAGES>POST Container, this makes the centre column scroll in a 600 px high box. Of course, only works if you're using static pages and not posts though.

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