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tarragon Sep 29, 2009 06:22 AM

BFA Round Tabs

BFA Rounded Tabs allows us to change the horizontal navigation tabs' 'default color', 'hover color' and 'current color'. I assume that the 'current color' is the color of the tab of the page that is currently open? If so, I have not been able to change the color of that tab. It remains set at the 'default color'

BTW, in attempting to make this change, I have altered the html color code in Appearance-Rounded Tab Theme Options-horizontal navigation tabs 'current color'. I also saved the change. Makes no difference.

Would appreciate any suggestions. Thanks. :)

Flynn Oct 28, 2009 03:23 AM

You probably changed it in style.css however that is being overwritten by the theme option settings, as inline CSS in the head section of the page

#ddcolortabs #current a:link,
#ddcolortabs #current a:active,
#ddcolortabs #current a:visited,
#ddcolortabs #current a:hover,
#ddcolortabs #current span {

There should be a theme option
Horizontal Navigation Tabs Current Color:

Put the color code there

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