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burstofmusic Mar 29, 2015 06:02 PM

[SOLVED] Atahualpa & category image plugins
Atahualpa does not work with category image plugins !
How can i set caregory image to each of my categories shows in the left sidebar ??? They work with twenty fourteen and etc..

juggledad Mar 29, 2015 07:10 PM

See this thread

burstofmusic Mar 30, 2015 10:26 AM

I tired several methods but all the topics on this thematic are closed. So please juggle answer the question if you can. I already searched in forum.

juggledad Mar 30, 2015 06:33 PM

It doesn't look like you fully read the thread I pointed you at.

burstofmusic Mar 31, 2015 02:38 AM

Please be more specific. I read the thread for the 5th time and i still cant see solution to my problem in it. Maybe you gave me wrong link ?
I need information sort of "How to do it" not a principle one...

juggledad Mar 31, 2015 03:48 AM

Who said it had a solution?

If you have a problem and need some help then you have to provide some basic information
go back and read it a 6th time and tell me exactly which items of the list you have done.

burstofmusic Mar 31, 2015 01:21 PM

When i install no matter which plugin for category icons, images and etc. Then i activate it and add image and etc in plugin menu for the category title it doesnt display in the left sidebar (where is the category widget) at all.
I cant explain it more clearly..

juggledad Mar 31, 2015 04:39 PM

go back and read that thread and look at items 9, 10, 11, 12, 14, and 15

burstofmusic Apr 1, 2015 02:57 AM

the url is http://burstofmusic.com
You can now see the image square but not the image in it. I think the plugin dont have access to my cloud server directories :( Any advice ?

juggledad Apr 1, 2015 03:33 AM

well progress - you read the thread and gave me the answer to item 10...but what about items 9, 11, 12, 14 and 15?

burstofmusic Apr 1, 2015 09:13 AM

Aha i see you are kidding with me nice :)
And nice support i think that i will never use this forum again thank you :)

juggledad Apr 1, 2015 11:25 AM

No I am not kidding with you> You state you have an issue with a plugin...lots of them but you have yet to identify a single one of them. How could I try to determine the problem without knowing one of the plugins?? Do you expect me to go test every plugin out there?

Let's see, you read the getting help several times. Item 9 says

9 - Provide the version number of Atahualpa and WP you are running - saying 'I'm using the latest version' is useless, what if a new version came out earlier today or you only think you are using the latest version. Besides, six months from now that statement won't help someone else looking for an answer.
but hve you done that yet? Nope

Item 10...yeah you provided your url...after I referred you to the 'So..you have a problem and need some help...' 4 times!! That should have been in your first post.

Item 11 says

11 - be descriptive -....

'Atahualpa does not work with category image plugins!'
is not descriptive.

How can i set caregory image to each of my categories shows in the left sidebar ???
What did the plugin tell you to do? I don't know since you haven't named the plugin(s) you have tried

Item 12 says

12 - attach an export of your settings (ATO->Export/Import Settings)
have you done that? Nope.

Item 14 says

14 - if you are having problems with a widget/plugin - try it with another theme (twenty-eleven) - if you still have the issue, contact the plugin's author.
Well? Have you? Have you looked at the plugin's support page to see if there are issues?

Item 15 says

15 - if you have an issue with a plugin, give a direct link to the download of the plugin
If you do all these things, you will learn and probably solve your own problem and get an answer much more quickly.
have you provided even the name of a plugin you say has a problem? Nope.

It is your choice to use this forum or not, just as it is my choice to help you or not. If you want my help:
1) don't waste my time
2) be plesant
3) do what I tell you to do

but since you will not be using the forum again, I guess this won't be an issue.

burstofmusic Apr 1, 2015 12:29 PM

Okay no problem you may delete the thread. Thank you :)

juggledad Apr 1, 2015 02:59 PM

I see you have solved your issue, do you want to explain what you did so others can learn?

burstofmusic Apr 2, 2015 03:07 AM

Ive already solved 3 issues and shared with the ppl and im not a programer and i dont know a single row of php or css. Why progamers like you do not help me when i ask something ?
And yes the problem was in the bad URL path idk why only in atahualpa i have to manualy set the path to exact directory, but its fine now :)
P.s. juggle i love Matrix movie :D

juggledad Apr 2, 2015 04:21 AM


Why progamers like you do not help me when i ask something ?
Hmmm...would you care to explain how I can help you when you won't do as I ask or tell me the information I would need to know to help you??? As it is, you still haven't mentioned the plugin you are using.

burstofmusic Apr 2, 2015 12:20 PM

I said all of them. But currently im running "Category Icons" :)
Its time for you to help me with some simple thing for ppl like you.
How can i make facebook to read my site again, because i had thumbnail issues in past and facebook remembered my site with this small thumbnails (that ive already explained in another theme so the users of the forum will know the principle ot facebook o.g. (open graphic) action)
I can use debug tool for each link but in my site they are +1300 right now and it is not a solution at all.
Could you help me with that ?

p.s. i can use facebook debug tool if all my posts are on the same page but its very hard to do (too big process)

juggledad Apr 2, 2015 01:49 PM


I said all of them. But currently im running "Category Icons"
So you tested every category icon plugin out there and picked this one?

Well let's see...the 'Category Icon' plugin hasn't been updated in almost 2 years. It is Compatiable to WP version 3.5.2 and no support issue has been resolved for a year and that was the last time the plugin author has made a post on Wordpress.

IN addition the plugin spews out warning messages (DIDN'T YOU THINK THAT WAS RELEVANT?)

Even with all that, I just installed it and it worked...can we say user error???

p.s. please read item 13 in this thread

p.p.s. didn't you say

And nice support i think that i will never use this forum again thank you

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