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Hells Bells Mar 14, 2012 08:33 PM

[SOLVED] Page menu drop-down content appears underneath widget content
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Hi all, I'm having a bit of trouble with the Page menu bar - the drop-downs for sub-pages appear underneath the content of one of widgets in the LH sidebar. Screen shot attached. Site is http://marinecentre.co.nz/ although you won't be able to see the issue there at present because I've implemented a temporary fix by increasing the padding between menu items so the drop-down doesn't conflict with the widget. Would prefer to find a permanent fix however, if possible. Cheers! :)

lmilesw Mar 14, 2012 10:22 PM

Have you tried changing the z-index of elements?

Hells Bells Mar 15, 2012 03:51 PM

The what of what??? :confused:

juggledad Mar 15, 2012 03:57 PM

fyi, that menu shows on top of the image in Safari and FireFox on my mac.

a web page is made up on many layers stacked on top of each other using the 'z-index' you can reorder the stacking so that if element A is covered by element B you can change element A's z-index and not make it cover element B. Do a google search on 'css z-index' and go to w3schools.com and read about it.

lmilesw Mar 15, 2012 04:00 PM

I was afraid you might say that.
z-index is the CSS rule that sets the stacking order of elements on a page. That MIGHT be the issue but this could also have to do with the wmode attribute of some javascript. To get a better understanding of z-index check on w3schools.com.

It's kinda hard to come any closer than that without seen the issue.

Hells Bells Mar 15, 2012 06:16 PM

OK thanks guys, have read the w3 schools stuff and I understand how z-index works now. But how I alter the z-index of a particular element is still a bit of a mystery to me.

I have set the page menu padding back to what it was originally, so you should be able to see the issue if you go back to the site now, although I obviously don't want to leave it like that for too long. :)

Thanks for your assistance so far.

juggledad Mar 15, 2012 07:37 PM

what browser are you using? it still looks fine in safari. Are you having the issue with IE? have you tried another browser?

here is another thought, try swapping the widgets in teh sidebar around to see if it is that top widget - the movie.

Hells Bells Apr 12, 2012 04:28 PM

FYI: I just managed to correct this issue using a fix from Flynn in this old thread. You guys rock. Cheers. :)

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