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thebookwright Nov 5, 2009 01:29 AM

[SOLVED] WP Content Slideshow
I've come across this plug in that puts 5 posts under the menu bar in a nice sliding display

The Plugin home page is here

& a demo here

For my site where I choose to have a page as the default Home, this would be great

My site is here for your reference

To get it going you need to insert the code

<?php include (ABSPATH . ‘/wp-content/plugins/wp-content-slideshow/content-slideshow.php’); ?>

but I'm not sure where to place it - all ideas appreciated (as would be suggestions for other ways to so it)

juggledad Nov 5, 2009 08:33 AM

try this, add it right in the header ATO->Style & edit HEADER AREA->Configure Header Area after the last option you have there.

thebookwright Nov 5, 2009 09:50 AM

Thanks for your quick reply

Did you mean in the area where it says?

%logo %pages %bar1

because it didn't like that

Sorry to be thick !!

juggledad Nov 5, 2009 12:17 PM

Yes that is where I meant,

What did it do...or not do to make you say it didn't work?

thebookwright Nov 6, 2009 04:29 AM


So if I follow you literally and enter the php string here

%logo %pages %bar1
<?php include (ABSPATH . ‘/wp-content/plugins/wp-content-slideshow/content-slideshow.php’); ?>

- which doesn't feel intuitively right, I get the error on the site as in this attachment

Naturally it could be an issue with the plug in so it's worth saying what I am trying to achieve & that's to have a Page as the default with some sticky posts at the top

Perhaps there are some other plug ins - will have a look myself

juggledad Nov 6, 2009 05:36 AM

What version of Atahualpa and WP?
I tried this in 3.4.4 and it worked fine

thebookwright Nov 6, 2009 05:53 AM

1 Attachment(s)
I'm on AT 3.4. & WP 2.8.5

But I just tried it on a new site I am building which has 3.4.4 & get the same result


And for clarity, I've attached what I've done in the back end

gomer Nov 6, 2009 07:03 AM

If first time piddling with template files, I always back-up files first, using ftp.

1. Dashboard > Appearance > Editor. This loads theme editor window.

2. On the right, locate/click Main Index Template (index.php)

3. Locate phrase: <?php /* The LOOP starts here.

4. Paste your code ABOVE phrase.
<?php include (ABSPATH . ‘/wp-content/plugins/wp-content-slideshow/content-slideshow.php’); ?>

If you want gallery to display only on front page:
<?php if ( is_front_page() ) { include (ABSPATH . '/wp-content/plugins/wp-content-slideshow/content-slideshow.php');

gomer Nov 6, 2009 02:52 PM

To extend previous post, I made some changes, adding a statement to write "Featured Articles" above my featured content on front page only. Admittedly, this is about to get ugly:

==beg. code==
<div class="FeaturedContentTable" align="center">
<!--table for featured content plug-in. table styled in ATO inserts -->
<table border="0" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="0">

<?php if ( is_front_page() ) { ECHO '<tr><td ><font size="5" face="Verdana" color="#85842F"> <b><i>Featured Articles</i></b></font></td></tr>'; } ?>

<td align = "left"> <?php if ( is_front_page() ) { include (ABSPATH . '/wp-content/plugins/featured-content-gallery/gallery.php'); } ?> </td>

==end code==
-yep, it's a hack. and it works quite nicely.
-my php could be better, a nested if would have been cleaner than two separate IFs.
-div center keeps content player centered cleanly
-echo writes html to page
-I find great utility in conditional statements and use them whenever possible
-using font tag is almost inexcusable except it works better here than did my styling efforts in ATO.
-and, hopefully, i did not add too much bloat.

Of course any comments for improvements are most welcomed.

juggledad Nov 6, 2009 03:44 PM

Now this is weird. I got it to work and then removed it. Now when I want to put it back in , it doesn't work?? Oh the issuse of a test site!

juggledad Nov 6, 2009 04:00 PM

Ah HA! - the code you are using is wrong. I just put in the code from the plugin's read me and it worked. Here it is
This works<?php include (ABSPATH . '/wp-content/plugins/wp-content-slideshow/content-slideshow.php'); ?>
This fails<?php include (ABSPATH . /wp-content/plugins/wp-content-slideshow/content-slideshow.php); ?>

the difference is the quotes. It looks like you copied them from a wordprocesser so you got a begining single quote and an end single quote and that wrecked havoc with the pluging

Computers are very stick for the correct syntax!

paulae Nov 7, 2009 07:38 AM

I tried it too. The weird ' comes from the plugin developer's homepage. If you copy the code he has there, you get the non-working apostrophe.

juggledad Nov 7, 2009 07:58 AM

If you look at the readme and copy from there, it works

btriyono Nov 20, 2009 11:22 AM

Hi juggledad,

I followed your instructions and it worked but the only problem is the slideshow appears on every pages. How can I make it only appears on the front page? I'm very new to this whole wordpress thing. Thanks.

lmilesw Nov 20, 2009 11:57 AM


Originally Posted by btriyono (Post 19325)
I followed your instructions and it worked but the only problem is the slideshow appears on every pages. How can I make it only appears on the front page? I'm very new to this whole wordpress thing. Thanks.

That's where the Frontpage Slideshow helps. It only puts in on the front page.

gomer Nov 20, 2009 04:46 PM


i use a static frontpage and below code displays a similar plug-in on front page only.

it's an IF function, testing whether the current page is the front page. if so, the featured content gallery displays.

<?php if ( is_front_page() ) { include (ABSPATH . '/wp-content/plugins/featured-content-gallery/gallery.php');

replace featured-content-gallery/gallery.php'); with content slider directory name.


thebookwright Nov 21, 2009 02:26 AM

Thanks so much for Frontpage Slideshow - just what I was looking for in the 1st place - could never get the other plugin working - thanks so much for all the support !! :)

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