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NealSchaffer Jul 16, 2009 03:52 AM

"Popular Posts" Plugins Not Working
I installed, activated, and inserted the widget into both sidebars of several (5 or so) different "Popular Posts" plug-ins that I downloaded from the wordpress.org site, but none of them worked. They would display the title (if there was one) but no content. Some required other plug-ins that also needed to be installed, which I did.

I am on Atahualpa 3.2. Is there something that is preventing these from working? The BFA Popular Posts works well, but I need a plug-in that shows by post views, not comments.

Is there any plugin that has been tested and works for the version of Atahualpa that I am using? Any help is appreciated! By the way, you can see my website at http://windmillnetworking.com.

Thank you,

Flynn Jul 16, 2009 05:26 PM

Can you try the newest version 3.4.2, and also the Default theme so we can track this down a bit better. It can be Atahualpa but it can also be another plugin. If it doesn't work in the Default theme either, disable plugins one by one. You can run 3.4.2 side by side with 3.2 and switch back and forth between them, by having different directories for each one, i.e.:


NealSchaffer Jul 16, 2009 05:43 PM

Thank you so much for your reply. Upon more diligent analysis, it seemed that the WP-Stats Plug-In was not working properly. It requires one piece of code in the Footer.Php that I mistakenly had deleted. After re-inserting the code, which I found in the WP-Stats FAQ, I then confirmed that the Stats on the Dashboard started appearing and then the widget started

If anyone is interested, I am using the "WordPress.com Popular Posts" plug-in which requires the "WordPress.com Stats" plug-in. Lots of things that you can customize right on the widget screen so it comes highly recommended! You can see it in action here: http://windmillnetworking.com


sonjasays Mar 8, 2010 12:10 PM

Thank you for sharing this, Neil! I spent hours trying several different popular post plug-ins without getting any of them to work well or at all. This one worked like a charm. Thanks!

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