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halfey Dec 14, 2011 06:29 AM

I want to have different style for blog title and tagline
This is my first time posting here. I've searched everywhere in this forum but unable to find similar question not the answer to my question. Maybe it's hidden somewhere deep in the piles of threads here but since I was unable to find it so I started my own thread instead.

I wanted to make my blog title and tagline overlayed the header image but the problem is they're sharing the same style (not the font style but the background color, borders, padding, etc). This is probably because they're sharing the same div container so my question is, is it possible to use different styling for each of these 2 elements? It's not a big deal but if possible I'd like to place my blog title on the top-left of the header image while the tagline on the bottom-right, and not just that, I want them to have different background/border color. I hope there's a solution for this. Thank you in advance.

juggledad Dec 14, 2011 06:46 AM

Yes there is a solution, but it will involve looking at the source of the generated page and crafting some CSS Selectors and rules. Once you have them created, you can add them to the CSS Inserts.

A good tool to help you figure uout what CSS you need is FireBug in FireFox

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