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TrueDom Jan 16, 2015 02:57 AM

[SOLVED] Error in ATA? - no hex code?
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Ive been slowly learning about how to use ATA and must say it truly is amazing. I recently decided to start a site over from scratch and went ahead and updated to 3.7.22 wp 4.1. But for some reason in any setting where i can choose color the box for hex codes are all gone. I really have no idea how to fix this or what went wrong. I have erased and re-downloaded ATA, I have done the full reset ATA button, turned all plugins off and nothing is helping this very annoying issue. I hope someone can help me out haha

juggledad Jan 16, 2015 07:08 AM

1) what is the url?
2) go to ato->Export/Import Settings - export your settings and attach them to a reply

TrueDom Jan 19, 2015 12:20 AM

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ok heres the setting. url is frayedgothicclothing.com. Its stock ata right now cause i reset everything since i wanted to rebuild the site,then that happened.

juggledad Jan 19, 2015 06:08 AM

Well I imported your settings and they work fine here. That means it is probably some site specific setting, like your php version of something else.

if you send me a PM with an admin ID/pw I'll poke around a bit.

TrueDom Jan 19, 2015 07:02 PM

Thanks for taking a look juggledad, i was hoping id see you here lol. sent you the info.

juggledad Jan 19, 2015 08:22 PM

step 1 - deactivate all plugins.

TrueDom Jan 20, 2015 07:52 AM

*scratches head* well that worked lol i had done that before EXCEPT for a few i was "sure" wouldnt have done anything...noob mistake on my part. Thanks again juggledad sorry if that was a waste of your time haha but now i know :)

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