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colour palette feature?

Old Sep 7, 2010, 05:20 AM
5 posts · Apr 2009
London, Canada
The problem I have with colour pickers is that if I want to use the same colour for a number of different elements, I have to make a note of what exact colour I used, and then it's tricky to get the same colour later. Also if I then want to change the colour, I have to go to every matching element and update.

I'd like to be able to define an intermediate layer, a "colour palette", which contains any number of named 'pots'. I would choose the colour contained by each pot using a regular colour picker, then when I'm specifying CSS colours for HTML elements, I'd have an option to use my palette rather than the colour picker. Of course I should be able to save/load palettes as well. I implemented something like this a few years ago by writing a css file in php, and defining/referencing variables for the values of various elements. Obviously implementation here would differ, but I'd think it should be possible..

The beauty of this system would be that if/when I change the colour of a pot, all the elements defined using that pot would be updated to the new colour.

Is this a feature you would consider adding? Or does it already exist? This would be a very compelling selling point of ThemeFrame for me. Even if you were to commit to develop this feature, it might be enough for me to jump in now..


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Old Sep 7, 2010, 06:00 AM
130 posts · Mar 2009
Perth, Western Australia
Hi Shi,

Could not agree more...

I find most color pickers painful to use!

I use Blumentals products for editing:

And their color picker is brilliant - worth the low cost just for this feature!
A) It knows the exiting color (when cursor is within a hex color) when you select the color picker and displays it. That way you can easily lighten or darken the existing color and compare the old and new before committing to the change.
B) It has a drop down with 6 options (Web-Pallette 1 & 2, Grey Scale, Visibone, Basic and Named (138 to choose from)). I find I use the Named option mostly.

regards, Dave


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