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I'm completely stumped.

Old Aug 18, 2009, 01:47 PM
2 posts · Aug 2009
But that's not horribly hard as I really am in over my head in php and css.

We have a gaming website that we're trying to get this theme integrated with.


Sofar 99% of it is working, with one important exception. We have one subfolder running php, that is not integrated with Wordpress at all, it's serving standalone pages interpreting a mySQL database.

Here's what is supposed to be the link:


The program involved is called eqdkp, it's at least a few years old and there is no support from its author to speak of.

However, if you follow that link you get taken back to the Wordpress blog page and a '/' is added after the .php as if it was trying to open a folder instead of a file.

Disabling the theme does allow correct access, something is causing a conflict, but I simply do not have the experience to even make a guess.

Optimally I'd love to be able to integrate the php in the content pane the same way Wp-United does with phpBB. However, I suspect that would be too complicated.

I would be just as happy to know how to setup an exception so Wordpress/Atahualpa doesn't even interpret anything called from the dkp subfolder, basically leaving it as the standalone, opening in its own window as it has been up until now.

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Old Aug 18, 2009, 02:52 PM
BradBrown's Avatar
54 posts · Mar 2009
The issue has nothing to do with Wordpress. Your server is set up to return the home page any time a file is not found. http://www.aegishestia.com/dkp/listmembers.php isn't found, so you are getting the home page instead.

One common mistake that leads to files not being found is capitalization. On a hunch, I tried http://www.aegishestia.com/DKP/listmembers.php, and it worked.

Incidentally, your redirect to the home page for a missing page is set up incorrectly. It s returning a 200 status code, which indicates everything is fine, when it should be returning a 404, meaning not found. This error has the potential to cause problems in search engines. Also, sending "not found" requests to the home page can cause confusion for users, like it did in this case. A "pretty" error page may be better, though that's a judgment call.

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Old Aug 18, 2009, 05:01 PM
2 posts · Aug 2009
Sometimes the most simple is what is overlooked. Thank you!

Yes, I am aware something is also wrong with the error handling, which is why I was getting so baffled by it. I do have the error code php files in all the right places and it still doesn't give one. Unfortunately, I took this over cold with no knowledge how anything on the entire site is setup, and basically learning as I go along.

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