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Form capabilities and customizations of pages and posts

Old Mar 13, 2011, 10:48 PM
3 posts · Mar 2011

I'm wondering what are, or what will be with the formal release, the capabilities of TF for creating both forms and especially squeeze pages. I'm guessing it's pretty good at differentiating different pages, so a home page can be stylized and constructed differently than other pages, etc, but I'd like to know just what it can do for that. Also, I saw in an earlier post that it will soon be possible to create more than one main content column, for magazine style formats, so I'd like to find out if that indeed is happening now. I'm pretty impressed with what I can see in the preview video. Thanks.

Just thought of one more question. Is TF really more for developers rather than end users, or rather at least for more experienced end users? What I mean is, I don't have any previous experience creating themes, and it could take a while for me to figure out what is really a good design. Or I may get something mostly done, and then after I've installed the theme, decide it needs some changes. If I want to make changes to the design, or even minor styling changes, I need to make them in the program itself, and then re-install, right? Isn't that kind of a disruptive way to deal with designing, to be re-installing every time I want to change something? So I'm wondering if, for that reason, TF is the right thing for a person in my situation. If I do a reinstall a few times, or do it later on, isn't that kind of disruptive in terms of Google's view of my site? Please enlighten me how this all works. Thanks much.

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Old Mar 17, 2011, 07:13 PM
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Creating different page templates is already implemented, including no-sidebar pages.

Having no header/footer either is not implemented.
Having magazine style content columns in the center area is also not implemented yet.
Both are on the to-do list and will hopefully be implemented before the end of April 2011

TF is probably not for total beginners, at this point, at least you should be interested in basic CSS a bit. For instance, if you wanted to "put some space between two elements" you don't just click on one element and move it away from the other one with the mouse. Instead, you click on one of the elements to open the CSS inspector, then you increase the "margin" setting of that element, which will move the element away from the other element. However, if you find this complicated, you'll be disappointed even more with the requirements of typical "Theme Frameworks" or "Premium Themes".

You don't need to do everything inside TF. TF was designed with that in mind from the beginning. It creates regular, static theme files with a classic structure, and you can open theme files in any basic text editor and edit them without going through TF again. Manual edits are much harder in i.e. Atahualpa (and all other feature-rich themes) than in TF created themes. In TF, all the complex configuration logic is inside TF itself, not inside the created themes.

Re. being disruptive. It's true that applying theme changes to your live site is more involving than with a typical feature-rich theme/ theme framework like i.e. Atahualpa where you do the changes right inside WordPress and where they get applied to the live site in real time.

However with TF there's no need to re-create and re-upload your new theme version all the time. You have a live preview inside TF and while it uses dummy content instead of your actual content it still gives you a relatively accurate preview. So while you may upload a new theme version 2-3 times until everything is like you intended, especially at the beginning, you wouldn't be doing this dozens of times.

Google is not involved here at all. There's no disruption, neither with other themes/ theme frameworks nor with TF.

To sum it up, TF might be for you if you're a bit ambitioned and plan to make an individual theme that looks like no other theme, and you don't mind to wrap your head around the basic inheritance concept of CSS (give everything basic styles first, then overwrite specific items that you want to look different) and the Wordpress Template Hierarchy http://codex.wordpress.org/Template_Hierarchy

If you just want to get online quick, a free theme - perhaps one with options - can be a good quick alternative. You can of course do both. Use a free theme while you work on a more individual one in TF

At this stage, TF is definitely not for users who are quite inexperienced AND are in a hurry, too.


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