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[SOLVED] jQuery plugin scripts not working

Old Mar 9, 2011, 03:37 PM
vCopia's Avatar
72 posts · Jan 2011
Long Island, NY
I've tried for two days now to get 3 different plugins to work on my site to provide html boxes on mouseover. None of them work inside WP. I can get all three to work outside WP so I know they are calling the right script files and such. Inside WP it is as if the scripts didn't load. Nothing happens.

For what I'm doing on my site, I need to give the visitor a couple of link options when they cross over certain words so I have to get something working.

All three require their code to be inserted in the header. I've been doing that through ATO Html Inserts. Am running 3.4.9.

THe plugins are:
-- Cluetip
-- Tipped
-- Stickytooltip

I've tried every possible way to rectify this - replacing $ with jQuery in the *.js files (2 of 3 plugins only needed), moving the directories to all sorts of locations on my server, calling the jquery.js from an internal location and an external one, and so many more. I even tried my hand at inserting noConflict() code in the header thinking that might work.

I do have one other jQuery script running that works fine. It is a WP plugin known as Colapse-O-Matic.

I know there are so many variables that could be causing this, but thought someone out there may have run across using jQuery scripts and know how to make them work, or... know of a plugin that would effectively allow me to add bubbles, pop ups, and/or mouseover commands with html in them (or at least links) that doesn't need tweeking.

Thanks all.
Old Mar 28, 2011, 08:09 AM
vCopia's Avatar
72 posts · Jan 2011
Long Island, NY
In case anyone ever comes across this post, I discovered that the reason these plugins weren't working was simple. The <br> tag was being added to the blanks lines I'd left for clarity between the attribute code I'd adding directly into my posts. This code called the external plugin script files and added attributes. Discovered it when I went line by line through the source code of the "posted" piece.

I had the Visual Editor turned off when I'd written the posts, and assumed that would preclude any unentered characters from being inserted by WP. For some reason it didn't. So, I just lined up my code in a long string when typing it into a post, or, for clarity and ease of use - when I really wanted to retain the integrity of the nicely formatted code, I set it up in an external file and called it. Both worked. Didn't stress over the whys of WP's adding the <br> tags. Just glad I found the hows.

Hope this experience helps someone down the line.


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