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Question regarding pixel menu bar

Old Dec 10, 2009, 04:40 AM
7 posts · Dec 2009
Question regarding pixel menu bar

I would like to modify the menu bar of the Atahualpa Theme by using only jpeg or bmp files (because of the special font I want to display).
So i have created 2 images for BLOG, HOME, ABOUT, CONTACT (2 because i want hover).
Till now figured out where to modify in Add CSS inserts...

div#menu1 ul.item-page-X (X=BLOG number) (HOME, ABOUT etc)
background: url(http:// my_site/folder/theme/images/blog.jpeg) center no-repeat !

div#menu1 ul.item-page-X, Y, Z a:link,
----------||------------------------- a:active,
----------||------------------------- a:visited {
visibility: hidden;

But the ul.item-page is not acting like a link... I have no ideea how to transform that element in a link element...
Or, same problem, solution 2 would be leaving "div#menu1 ul.item-page-X a:..." visible... and adding a "<SPAN>text</SPAN>" insede the <a>....</a> line of code, meaning I want this:
"<a href="http://www.XXX...." >Blog</a>"
to become:
<a href="http://www.XXX...." ><span>Home</span></a>
Can this be made only by Add CSS inserts? Or should I mess-up the PHP? Also here have no clue to solve the problem.
Searched the forum for a week and found no similar question...
If some of you guys could help me, I would appreciate!
Old Dec 10, 2009, 08:02 AM
juggledad's Avatar
23,765 posts · Mar 2009
OSX 10.11.5 WP 4.x Atahualpa(all) Safari, Firefox, Chrome
Try this - putting in your own page ID's
HTML Code:
/* ================================================ */
/* CSS to change a single menu item                 */
/* ================================================ */
ul.rMenu li.page-item-211 a:link, 
ul.rMenu li.page-item-211 a:active, 
ul.rMenu li.page-item-211 a:hover, 
ul.rMenu li.page-item-211 a:visited, 
ul.rMenu li.page-item-211 {
	background: #red !important;
ul.rMenu li.page-item-213 a:link, 
ul.rMenu li.page-item-213 a:active, 
ul.rMenu li.page-item-213 a:hover, 
ul.rMenu li.page-item-213 a:visited, 
ul.rMenu li.page-item-213 {
	background: #black !important;
/* ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ */
"Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn." - Benjamin Franklin
Juggledad | Forum Moderator/Support
Old Dec 10, 2009, 09:05 AM
7 posts · Dec 2009
Hi Jugledad and 10x for taking attention to my problem, but i'm affraid it wont help, because text in <a> is still visible in your solution.

Here is the code I use in Add CSS Inserts:

/*Image MENU PAGES*/

ul.rmenu2 {

ul.rMenu li {

ul.rMenu a {
height: 10px;

div#menu1 li.page-item-43 {
background: url(http://www....home1.png) no-repeat center !important;
div#menu1 li.page-item-43:hover {
background: url(http://www.....home2.png) no-repeat center !important;

div#menu1 li.page-item-2 {
background: url(http://www.....picA1.png) no-repeat center !important;
div#menu1 li.page-item-2:hover {
background: url(http://www.......picA2.png) no-repeat center !important;

div#menu1 li.page-item-31 {
background: url(http://www......picB1.png) no-repeat center !important;
div#menu1 li.page-item-31:hover {
background: url(http://www......picB2.png) no-repeat center !important;

div#menu1 li.page-item-43 a:link,
div#menu1 li.page-item-43 a:active,
div#menu1 li.page-item-43 a:visited {

div#menu1 li.page-item-2 a:link,
div#menu1 li.page-item-2 a:active,
div#menu1 li.page-item-2 a:visited {

div#menu1 li.page-item-31 a:link,
div#menu1 li.page-item-31 a:active,
div#menu1 li.page-item-31 a:visited {

Also Button BLOG needs the same treatment ... but i am a little confused by it's "li.page-item identifier" his value being li class="page_item current_page_item" but changing when navigate to another page.
BTW: Ata and WP are up-to-date!

Many 10X!!!
Old Dec 11, 2009, 07:02 AM
7 posts · Dec 2009
Any ideea???
Old Dec 13, 2009, 04:05 AM
juggledad's Avatar
23,765 posts · Mar 2009
OSX 10.11.5 WP 4.x Atahualpa(all) Safari, Firefox, Chrome
What version of Atahualpa and WP?
What is the url showing the issue?
"Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn." - Benjamin Franklin
Juggledad | Forum Moderator/Support
Old Jan 8, 2010, 12:29 AM
7 posts · Dec 2009
Sorry for the huge delay... Happy new year to all Atahualpa coders, supporters and users!!!
I am using Atahualpa version 3.4.4 and WP: 2.9.1
I can't provide a link to the site since is o a local server... when it is finished i'll seek some hosting...


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