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Bing Versus Google

Old Jun 15, 2009, 08:16 AM
1 posts · Jun 2009

I just registered this forum while surfing and I’m curious about what you think about Bing.
According to some news it already started to overtake Yahoo. But it seems to me they can’t beat Google. I think more creative ideas and some vision is needed to overtake Google.

Besides of that there’s adsense and adword industry. Google is creative and established firm, Bing brings nothing new to us.

If Google creates linux based operating system, maybe they can overtake Microsoft?

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Old Jul 21, 2009, 09:48 PM
1 posts · Jul 2009
As a tech since the DOS days I have worked with all the changes since then. I'm also Microsoft certified and have Bill's first book. I was disheartened when Microsoft was aggressive in forcing IE on everybody when it came out, just like AOL forcing that on everyone who had a mailbox. Well all has been a bit quiet until now with Bing. Microsoft is up to their old aggressive hijacking the user's choice again. In the latest updates (including IE 6 and 7) Bing is forced as the default search engine. Many have posted complaints asking how to remove it from the search bar. Placing Google in the search bar does not work very well at all. Microsoft had a choice to switch it to Google somewhere at the end of a page and a button but it did nothing. I'm tired right now but basically they made it more difficult to have Google in the search bar, next to the address bar. If you remove the search bar Bing automatically is the search engine default when you type in the address bar.

Those out there who are non-technical, or all the public computers, will probably use Bing as a default without choosing it beforehand. That is what Microsoft wants and will do one by one, because they can integrate Bing into their own browser easily in the updates. Bing will show up when the user types in the address bar. I use Google by going to their search page, because I like to do that. I do not prefer any toolbars because it shortens my screen view size, and I prefer a blank page for my default page. Many times as in right now I use Google Chrome too. I use IE, Firefox, and Chrome to keep up with them technically, and use each one for different things.

I did call Google last week and chose some random number to be redirected to a voice mail box. I told them what Microsoft is doing in the latest updates of IE, by forcing Bing in there and making it harder to place Google in the search box as the default. I told them to research it and make sure Microsoft is not sneaky in doing any harm to Google with such tactics. Don't be fooled. Microsoft can cause harm to Google over a long period one by one if Google does not check it out and make Microsoft answer to it. I think the Justice Department will have a case again and this will be very interesting, especially in a recession when more public PCs might be using Bing since Microsoft forced it in the updates as the default. I can think of many ways Microsoft can be sneaky and I'm just a technical thinker, not a Microsoft programmer or CEO, but I'll stop here.


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