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HOWTO: put your image in the header

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Old Dec 15, 2009, 06:16 AM
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HOWTO: put your image in the header

I just recently got the following email:
Hi there!
I have seen your postings and I know you are the one to ask. PLEASE help me with my Atahualpa Header.
All the forums messages I have read pertaining to this say where the header files are. I am not understanding HOW to actually get there. I am a total novice and I have learned everything on my own, but this I can't figure out.
My site is xxxxxxxx.com. PLEASE walk me through the instructions on how to get in and do a custom header.
I will be happy to make a donation for your time. THANK YOU!
I was going to reply to the email and then decided to post the answer for any other newbie's whow need the lesson also. So here is my answer:

your site is hosted on a computer somewhere (godaddy, yahoo, westhost etc) and you have a folder on that computer, we will call it 'yourfolder' (the name depends on the host), so you have:


Inside that folder is a folder with all the wordpress code


and inside that is a folder called 'wp-contents'


and inside that is a folder called 'themes'


and inside that is 'atahualpa'


and inside that is 'images'


and inside that is a folder called 'header'


and that is where you put your header images.

So the question becomes, how do you get them there?

In order to transfer a file from one computer to another on the internet you use the 'file transfer protocal' or as it is commonly referred to as FTP. There are literialy hunderds of FTP programs out there and some host providers have them built-in to their control panels. (look for something saying FTP)

If you use a standalone FTP program you have to have some information

1) the name of your FTP server
2) your userid at your host
3) your password

all of these should have been given to you by your host provider, probably in an email.

Once you get connected to your host, via a standalone program or the host's control panel, you just move your way thru the folders till you get to:


here you will see three images that came with the install. You see/hear about two terms when using FTP: upload and download. The way to think about this is the host is at the top of a big hill and your computer is at the bottom. If you want to move (or put) a file from your computer to the host, you have to UPLOAD it (it goes up the hill) and if you want to get something from the host , you will DOWNLOAD it (it comes down from the top of the hill)

Without knowing the exact host and logging into it, I can't tell you the exact way it will work, because everyone seems to do it differntly. Same goes with FTP programs.

I use westhost.net as my provider and I'm on a mac and use a program called 'Fetch' to do my FTPing, so if you are on a mac, get that program, and are a westhost client, I can give you detailed steps but otherwise I can't
I hope this gives you a idea of what you need to do. If you get stuck, post a reply with your query and someone will surely jump in to help.
"Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn." - Benjamin Franklin
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