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Shareaholic & Montezuma CSS. Not compatible?

Old Oct 29, 2013, 05:03 PM
13 posts · Dec 2012
Lightbulb Shareaholic & Montezuma CSS. Not compatible?

Hi guys,
I found a strange CSS position with the Shareaholic's plugin last actualization.
I'm using 1.7 WP, 1.1.9 Montezuma theme (amazing theme, i love it !!!) and Shareaholic v7.0.4.8 in my personal blog: scop.ws
But since i actualized to last version for all three, i have a problem whith Shareaholic icons "to share" like this (from http://scop.ws/error-con-el-certificado-digital/):

and (with another Shareaholic theme icons)

My friends, i tried resolve with some ways but only i found this solution, but i disagree because we need to modify Montezuma's CSS style.

I did it with Firefox Web Inspector (crtl + May + I).

With these modifications into CSS, can to see Shareaholic icons correcty but...
Any other solution is possible? Please, i don't like to modify Montezuma CSS about this.


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Old Oct 29, 2013, 06:19 PM
CrouchingBruin's Avatar
299 posts · Aug 2010
Santa Monica, CA
The problem, as I noted in this thread, is that both Montezuma and Shareaholic both use the <i> tag at the end of list items to display icons. So the CSS for one may interfere with the styling for the other. Which one is correct? They both are, IMO. Montezuma can't foresee what elements every plugin is going to use, and plugin developers can't foresee how theme developers are going to use different elements in their theme.

However, I don't think the solution in this case is to eliminate the Montezuma CSS that is causing a problem with Shareaholic, because you may unintentionally cause a side effect on something else within the theme. Instead, Shareaholic should have provided a rule with a more specific selector if an element needs to be a specific size or if an element should automatically size itself, like:
.shareaholic-canvas shareaholic-share-buttons-container shareaholic-share-buttons-wrapper ul.shareaholic-share-buttons li.shareaholic-share-button i.shareaholic-service-icon {
   width: auto;
   height: auto;
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Old Oct 29, 2013, 06:43 PM
13 posts · Dec 2012
thanks for your answer. i like that solution, i don't like to modify Montezuma CSS.
But, i think (sorry if i am wrong) we can't modify Shareaholic CSS because it's imported "on fly" from externals servers.

then, what do you think we must to do while?

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Old Oct 30, 2013, 05:55 AM
juggledad's Avatar
23,750 posts · Mar 2009
OSX 10.11.5 WP 4.x Atahualpa(all) Safari, Firefox, Chrome
Have you looked in the plugin folder to see if there is a CSS folder? You can edit the css there, but next time you update the plugin you will have to re-do it.

If you add the CSS into the Montezuma options it will remain over updates of the theme, the plugin and/or WordPress.
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Juggledad | Forum Moderator/Support
Old Nov 2, 2013, 01:59 AM
13 posts · Dec 2012
Oks, i'll do it!
Old Nov 13, 2013, 01:35 PM
Andy - Shareaholic
1 posts · Nov 2013
Great news! We just released a CSS update that should make our share buttons show up correctly in Montezuma (if it's not showing up for you, try clearing your browser cache)

The problem was that the theme was overriding our styles and therefore we had to add more specificity and !important a few things. If there's anything else we can help you with, please check out http://support.shareaholic.com/hc/en-us


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