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Changelog 3.3.2 -> 3.3.3

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Old Mar 29, 2009, 10:22 PM
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Changelog 3.3.2 -> 3.3.3

Atahualpa 3.3.3 is available here http://wordpress.bytesforall.com/?p=71

Changelog 3.3.2 -> 3.3.3

  • DONE: %date-modified(...)% post info item doesn't work.
  • DONE: Archives -> Archives by Date: Limit does not work.
  • DONE: Add jQuery directly again, instead of using wp_enqueue_script, so it can be processed before Mootools. Otherwise the plugin "Featured content gallery" doesn't work.
  • DONE: WPG2 (and most likely other "big" plugins, i.e. "Now reading" etc., all those that don't use any of the existing page templates but create their own page) doesn't work anymore. Add the whole "get_option" loop to header.php and footer.php again for these plugins. A slightly bigger change again unfortunately but not too big. Pages using these big plugins will be around 0.1 seconds slower again, as the older Atahualpa used to be. All other pages will keep getting the theme options from index.php and have the slightly improved speed that came with version3.3.
  • DONE: Check WP-Email, same problem as WPG2. (Additionally, global $wp_query; was needed in bfa_get_options.php)
  • DONE : Post Info Item %author-email% is not just broken, it even removes the right sidebar. I was using a function from the Wordpress Codex, but this seems to be deprecated now.
  • DONE: Using quotes (which are required for font names with spaces such as "comic sans ms") doesn't work in Page Menu Bar -> Font Size & Face & Category Menu Bar -> Font for Category Menu Bar http://forum.bytesforall.com/showthread.php?p=4712
  • DONE: Make hard coded "Comments are closed" an option or delete, in comments.php
  • DONE: Missing <div id="respond"> opening tag in legacy.comments.php, used for WP2.6.5 and older
  • DONE: Use callback function as suggested by Wordpress for WP 2.7+ comments instead of replicating core comment_walker class. More future-proof. New file bfa_custom_comments.php instead of bfa_comment_walker.php which is gone now
  • DONE: Turn next/previous post/page/comments links into functions and move them from index.php/comments.php into their own file bfa_next_previous_links.php. Much cleaner and smaller index.php, helpful for creating own templates
  • DONE: Turn post kicker, headline, byline, bodycopy, pagination and footer code, and archive pages code into functions and move them to their own file bfa_post_parts.php. Much cleaner and smaller index.php
  • Don't display empty selector { } in header.php's dynamic CSS to save some file size.
  • DONE: Include post info item %author-linked% again for legacy reasons. I had unintentionally changed this to %author-posts-link%. There's also %author-link%
  • DONE: Check post info item %meta('fieldname')%, doesn't seem to work
  • Avoid PHP warning when /images/header/ directory is empty (no header images available)
  • DONE: Display sidebar on Homepage/Frontpage does not work if Frontpage is static page and sidebar is turned off for "Page" pages
  • DONE: Change header image rotation to Javascript so it works with Wp Super Cache etc. too. Perhaps fallback to old method for non-JS visitors.
  • DONE: Add "Skip to comments" link option to post info items for single post pages comments links and remove the comments link from the default settings there. It's not working there because I am using the stanadard WP functions now for better plugin compatibility and WP doesn't display the comment link on single post pages because the comments are on the same page anyway
  • DONE: Re-phrase the whole HTML/CSS Inserts section in the theme options to make it clearer what kind of code can be put into the various sections
  • DONE, will be improved in next version: Integrate Tabbed Widgets plugin. For now, you'll still need to install the plugin, and it will not match every custom style of the rest of your site. This has still some issues, use it only if you know your way around Atahualpa, CSS, etc at least a bit.
  • DONE: Increase the max drop down levels of the menu bars again. I had set this back from formerly 10 possible levels to 5 to save 2-3 kByte of inline CSS code per pageview, now that the dynamic CSS is in header.php, but on second thought the weight savings don't seem to outweigh the ability to have up to 10 page/category levels as drop down.
  • DONE: Add default content to sidebars, i.e. the Meta widget so novice users have a login link at the beginning
  • DONE: Make the post/page title H1 and the blog title H2, on single post pages and "page" pages
  • DONE: Integrate PHP code widget
  • DONE: Display actual path, i.e. /wp/wp-content/atahualpa/images/backgr.gif instead of generic example /wp-content/atahualpa3/images/backgr.gif in help/example text in the theme options
  • DONE: Avoid get_search_query in bfa_header_config.php if WP 2.2
  • DONE: Support for individual order in category menu bar via plugin "My Category Order" http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/my-category-order/ - New option "order" at Theme Options -> Category Menu Bar -> Sort Category Menu Bar by:
  • Looks o.k., needs final testing: Check author comment styling for 3rd and lower level comments, see http://forum.bytesforall.com/showthread.php?p=5702


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