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Nope. I meant there is NO effects on bfa_meta data unless the post/page has been saved AND the title is untouched.

The first post title 'Auto Draft', in fact, is created at the same time whenever a 'new page' created and wp will give a new post id to that empty data, when I change that 'default' title, and click 'update', it changed, but wp 3, created another empty line of 'Auto Draft' in the post table, following every update, it created another one...and so on.

a little research here

wp add to 3.0 on purpose, see

  1. creates a post with post_status=auto-draft
  2. First auto- or manual save turns it into a real draft
  3. when auto-drafts are created, it deletes ones older than one week
  4. you now always have a post ID on the post edit screen, which fixes all those attachment- and meta-related bugs. No more fetching new nonces. No more negative post IDs.

Auto drafts are what is created when you first visit the edit page so as to ensure any action you take on the page gets correctly associated with the post.
Previously there were issues if you tried to upload images before setting any other attributes on a post and thereby creating a draft post.
On save it will become a real draft and after a while the old ones will be deleted.
To skip with save it as 'Auto Draft', you can made a little modification on the ata's function.php to remove that 'Auto Draft', the funny title will be gone as wished, but this data still create on the db table.

 (template_dir/function.php, about line 603)
$title = ($post_id->post_title !== 'Auto Draft') ? $post_id->post_title : '';

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