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Longtail Feb 11, 2012 10:21 AM

bbPress 2.0 integration
Hi -
I'm building a private wordpress mutlisite with the newest version of WP. I'm also using the most recent version of Atahualpa which I love dearly, because of the very rich feature set... So == thank you for that!

What's great about Atahualpa is that one can make many changes to the look and operation of the website without knowing much code. And, that's me.

I need to integrate a forum and the only one I've found that will work in a multisite environment, that will also present posts with pictures and direct links back to the posts is bbPress.

But, I have no control of the look of the bbPress pages and on several, the default doesn't work very good. When I go to the "topic" level the flexible width (99%) 'cuts the center of the page' in half vertically -- the left side has the user name and Avatar and the right side has the content. It looks pretty awful.

I'd also like to be able to disable the link which is part of the user's name that created the post or forum response so it doesn't redirect to that persons profile.

If you have any suggestions for a different forum plug-in -- that will work in a multisite environment -- please advise.

Overall, I'd simply like to have more control of the look & feel of the bbPress pages. I've gone to the bbPress forum and posted the same question. The problem with bbPress is that it seems like it's really designed for programmers to adjust -- and I'm not a program.

any suggestions?:confused:

ortixia Feb 15, 2012 11:48 AM

working on the same issue... I am going to start with shortcodes on pages and see where that goes.. keep in touch with your progress, and maybe we can help each other.

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