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vinceesq Jun 2, 2011 02:07 PM

RSS feeds problem
Hi everyone,

I got a problem with post feeds and comments feeds. The theme seem to be generating www.mysite.com/feed/ and www.mysite.com/comments/feed/ pages every time I create a new site. However, if you create pages only (not posts), they don't generate a feed, but the theme still would link every single page/tag to www.mysite.com/feed/, even though there is no such page. When Google crawls that page, it generates 404 error, showing lots of pages/tags linking to www.mysite.com/feed/.

The same is with www.mysite.com/comments/feed/. The theme would generate this page even though there are no comments, but would link every single page/post/tag to www.mysite.com/comments/feed/. When Google crawls that page, again it would generate 404 error because the page 'is not found". But, when a comment is made, the www.mysite.com/comments/feed/ would be created and the links would start working.

I am not sure why "pages" do not create a feed page and why comments/feed is created without any comments made. These 404 errors build up very fast and I was losing my rankings lately because of this very fast too.

Could anyone shed some light onto why this is happening and how I can avoid this? I can't stop creating "pages" because I need policies and "about me" page, but as long as I create at least one post, the www.mysite.com/feed/ seems to be working for them. But, comments may not be made for months, and I don't want to create comments/feed/ page as Google will generate 404 error.

Thanks for helping me with this problem.


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