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wppg Oct 25, 2010 09:52 PM

[SOLVED] Embed Video in 3.53

i have ftped a video file onto my server, but now i'm not sure how to embed the video into the top of the post. i want to simply center it and fix the width and height... is there an easy way to do that? i've tried this html...

<center>video url</center> but only the actual url showed up in the post... what's the best way to fix this so the actual video shows/plays and at the right width/height to fit inside my blog post?

thanks for any suggestions!

Wimbledon Oct 25, 2010 10:15 PM

To center it correctly, in the HTML tab, wrap the video html like this:

<div style="text-align:center">video html goes here</div>

You need more than just the URL there -- hopefully someone else can answer that part of the question for you.

wppg Oct 26, 2010 08:44 AM

it was suggested i install the "add from server" plugin which i just did and so now i can include a link to the video that opens full screen in another browser window, but i want it to show up and play inside a small window inside the post like a typical (you tube etc. ) video... any ideas on how to make that happen? thanks

wppg Oct 26, 2010 12:20 PM

and now... i've tried uploading the video via you tube and embedded the you tube embed code, but nothing appears in the post - totally blank where the video should be... and when i followed these "insert url" instructions from http://en.support.wordpress.com/videos/youtube/ i just get a link inside the post that opens the video in a new browser window on the actual you tube site! i want it to open inside the top of my post! thanks for any help!

wppg Oct 26, 2010 12:46 PM

ah... finally solved!!! this plugin smart youtube did it, but be sure to change "http" to "httpv" in the url link and then it works great!


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