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ctenos Aug 11, 2014 02:46 PM

Alternatives to Feedburner
This is sort of covered in many posts and web pages, but I apparently don't really understand RSS.

For many years, I have used the very easy (as usual for Atahualpa) Feedburner setup BFA provides. Like many others, I have been unable to get into my Feedburner page since Google took them over and then stopped support. So I'd like to switch to something else. A few question; please pardon my ignorance:

0. Is there a forum post or page that explains all of the items below, so I don't waste people's time?

1. Does Atahualpa support any other RSS feed mechanisms?

2. If I delete Feedburner settings from BFA theme options, will e-mail signup still work?

3. Can people here recommend a most-compatible plugin for RSS browser feed and e-mail subscription?

4. Is it necessary to sign up with a service like Mailchimp to find out who has subscribed to RSS or e-mail feeds?

Thanks in advance.

lmilesw Aug 11, 2014 07:25 PM

For just the RSS feed I think most, like myself are use feed readers such as Feedly so there is nothing you have to do. If you want to have people sign up to get feeds by email then I would indeed suggest using Mailchimp as it is free for lower volume users.

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