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Shepherd Jim Nov 16, 2011 10:28 AM

How About BackupBuddy? ...other BACKUP recommendations?
I just signed up to receive newsletters from Michael Torbert, the author of the "All-in-One SEO Plugin" and received a 25% discount coupon for BackupBuddy.

I'm wondering if any Atahualpa folks use, or have used, BackupBuddy and what they thought of it.

I have the dbManager plugin on my sites and it's automatically backing up the mySQL database. But, what about everything else? I know from experience that to download/copy the entire /wp directory from my host's server takes a LONG time and it's not something I remember to do very often or on a regular basis.

lmilesw Nov 16, 2011 11:26 AM

I use BackupBuddy on just about all my sites and am very pleased. I have it backup to Amazon S3 for most sites and Dropbox for some. You can't have it email the file to you but you can download it right after performing a manual backup. You can also set it to backup just the database and in that case it can often be emailed.

Shepherd Jim Nov 16, 2011 08:26 PM

Hey Larry,

I figured BackupBuddy was prob pretty good. Long ago I used an early version which backed up Palm PDAs and it was bombproof.

I used to use Amazon S3 to back up my Windows Home Server. Have you ever had restore from S3? It was so disconnected (disassociated?) that it began to freak me out.

I like the idea of using Dropbox -- it does everything! :)

lmilesw Nov 16, 2011 08:33 PM

With BackupBuddy you wouldn't restore directly from Amazon or Dropbox for that matter. You would download it and then use a special php file per the instructions to restore the whole site. Amazon S3 works fine for me and costs VERY little but Dropbox would be fine for a single site.

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