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thesis Jan 13, 2010 02:59 AM

Customising the current page highlighting
Hi there,

I'm looking for some way to change the behaviour of the page menu 'current page' highlighting.

This is the site: http://proportionfoundation.org/

My objective is that one menu item should always be orange - so you can easily see what section of the site you're in.

When you hover or click on a menu item, it changes to orange like it should. It works fine for most of the top level pages. But I'm having 2 main issues:

the orange reverts back to the dark red for sub-pages. For example, click on 'About us' then click on 'What we do' in the sub menu on the left. The 'About us' menu item is no longer orange, how can I fix this?

I'm using the plugin 'Page Links To' so I can redirect 2 of the items on the page menu. I'm redirecting 'Portions' to a post, and 'News' is linking to a category. Click on those 2 links to see what I mean. It works fine apart from losing the highlighting on the relevant menu item. For example click 'News', the orange shows on the hover but after you click it, the color changes back to dark red. How can I force the menu item to stay orange?

Ideally, I'd just like to be able to control the orange highlighting on/off for certain URL's. But if this can't be done, I'd really like to hear of any workarounds or other ways to achieve the same thing.

If anyone can help with these issues, I'd be very grateful, and would consider donations!

thanks :-)

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