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gnosis Oct 5, 2012 11:07 AM

[SOLVED] Menu's almost too sensitive
How do I slow down the menus? When I try to get to a child or grandchild page the menu item appears and disappears too quickly.

juggledad Oct 6, 2012 05:09 AM

What is the url, sub menu's work fine for me
what browser?
have you modified any of the virtual theme files?

gnosis Oct 9, 2012 09:11 AM

Not a public URL because on a dev server behind my firewall. Did not make changes to theme files. Again, menus just move to fast so difficult to get to sub-menus (pages).

juggledad Oct 9, 2012 11:04 AM

export your settings and attach them to reply.

I'm seeing no issue with this - is your server/computer just too fast :p
what browers?

gnosis Oct 9, 2012 11:06 AM

It is not a bug, just a usability issue.

Tested on Chrome, FF, and Safari.

juggledad Oct 9, 2012 11:27 AM

I have no problem with the lenght of time they sit there while I move over them with no problem.

gnosis Oct 9, 2012 11:28 AM

If i wanted to, is there a way that I can slow the menus down?

juggledad Oct 9, 2012 11:50 AM

look in wp-content/montezuma/javascript.js go to the bottom and You will find
HTML Code:

$('#menu1 > li').smoothMenu({
        zIndex: 10,
        duration: 700,
        easing: 'easeOutExpo',
        dockId: 'menu1-smooth'

increase the duration.

gnosis Dec 27, 2012 12:50 PM

Which javascript.js:


lmilesw Dec 27, 2012 02:31 PM


Originally Posted by gnosis (Post 94244)
Which javascript.js:


I would just take a look at both and whichever is the one with the mentioned code is the correct one.

juggledad Dec 27, 2012 04:14 PM

it's in /montezuma/admin/default-templates/javascript/javascript.js

gnosis Dec 28, 2012 07:29 AM

Thank you.

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