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paulharrisjr Apr 17, 2009 01:29 PM

Ok.. It is finally done.
I finally got my site back up. But I was looking to find out if others were having problems with a slow response from the servers.

If so, I need to determine a way to speed it up. My readers shouldn't have to wait more than 5 seconds for a page to open up.


The address is:


Flynn Apr 17, 2009 06:30 PM

Your site's speed was not super fast but within reason for the first page load. The subsequent page loads were quite fast. The first page load may become faster if you go through all 20+ theme option pages and click "Save Changes" on each page.

Additionally you could ask your host to enable "mod_deflate" or "gzip" for your account which doesn't seem to be active. This would cut down the size of the page itself and the CSS and Javascript files that are being called to about 1/3 of their respective size

Plus you could install a caching plugin such as WP Super Cache or WP Cache 2

If you're still not satisfied with the speed, you could install PHP Speedy http://aciddrop.com/php-speedy/
This would combine the 2 CSS and 3 Javascript files that your site loads into 1 CSS and 1 Javascript file, saving 3 hits to the web server.

The last option would be to move to another host. The speed of the web hosting account can have the greatest impact on speed, and can easily outweigh all other factors combined.

Atahualpa adds only little to the page rendering time compared to the "Default theme". Certainly not in the 5 sec. range. More around 0.1 - 0.2 seconds.

JBWhite Apr 22, 2009 03:25 PM

Weird thing. I loaded DB Cache and won't run. I went to take a look at config.ini, couldn't find it and did a search of my files. Get message says no such file. ??

Flynn Apr 22, 2009 08:01 PM

There should be no config.ini. Is that a file of DB Cache? This seems to be a new caching plugin, had not heard about it yet. If you cannot get it running try WP Cache 2

paulae Apr 23, 2009 07:41 AM

Paul, your welcome page took almost 3 seconds for anything at all to appear just now. Subsequent loadings of that page and interior pages were fine. I'm on a Verizon FIOS connection, new, fast computer. You should ask your hosting company to check everything.

We Paul-types need to stick together. :)

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