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barangist Jun 24, 2010 03:44 AM

I couldn't figure out what is wrong
Attachment 560

Hi Everyone,

I been struggling and reading from internet for 2 weeks in silence, about putting my blog design right. I given up and decided to seek up from the experts here.

I have attached a pic of my site. Apparently, I cannot get the background picture to "fit" exactly or center-aligned it to (What you guys see on the screen is only 2/3 of it.). How do I get picture-perfected with this one.

Secondly,there are lotsa of "space" on the Right hand side of the screen as you can see in the picture. How do I shift the right space or edit them so that readers dun have to us the horizontal scroll.


Barang King

juggledad Jun 24, 2010 04:54 AM

go to ATO->Style & configure LAYOUT and set 'Layout WIDTH and type (FLUID or FIXED)' to the width of the center black area and set 'Layout Container Style' to 'padding: 238px 49px 0 102px;'. You will have to play with this numbers. They are TOP, RIGHT, BOTTOM and LEFT in that ordeer.

barangist Jun 24, 2010 08:51 AM

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Sorry for my poor English.

Thanks Juggledad for your advise. I tried using ya recommendation but the results was futile.

The Header is more messy. I have included a picture of what I really wanted. I think Flynn did help someone to solve this before ? Did he ?

Juggledad, please advise me again.

Thank You

barangist Jun 26, 2010 01:17 AM

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Hi Everyone,

I managed to archieve what I want by removing the RSS width to 0.

Now I need to know how reduced the height of the searchbox widget as per my attachment and changing the thickness of the line separator and colour as well.

Secondly is to remove the Home and About title from the header bar with the RSS, Comments and Search Box as indicated in my attachment.

Beer donation coming

juggledad Jun 26, 2010 05:00 AM

FYI - the look of the site in safari has some issues
1) the subscribe box is in the middle of the content area and floats with the changing size of the page
2) if you make the page smaller, the right sidebar ends up over the black
You need to make it a fixed widh site at ATO->Style & configure LAYOUT

To remove a page from the menu bar go to ATO->Page Menu Bar and add the page ID to the exclusion list.
to style teh post area, look at the settings at Style POSTS & PAGES

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