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ldsmedia Jun 4, 2009 03:02 PM

Section for All things Google
Can we have a section with updated instructions on using Google gadgets with WP themes? I know this isn't Atahualpa specific, but I would be willing to put another $5 to $10 in Juggledad's kitty for this. I'll bet he knows it.

I would like to see instructions on where to paste code for webmaster tools (there is a thread on this but I don't follow it), Analytics (this thread I could follow soon I'll find out if I did it right) and the directions for the web site optimizer are only for html. The css instructions they have are all over the place and hard to piece together. I am willing to bet that there are or shortly will be other Google gadgets we will want to work with.;)

For now if someone could tell me where to put the meta tag for webmaster tools in my blog, I would appreciate it.

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