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anteem29 Jun 17, 2015 06:16 PM

Receiving 'Your Theme Doesn't Have any Post Loops' msg when using Page Builder plugin
Hello all,
I am trying to use Site Origins Page Builder plugin or the Beaver Builder Plugin with Atahualpa. When I try to use the post loop widget, I receive the message 'Your theme doesn't have any post loops'. In the forums for Site Origins, I found the developer wrote (in response to another's same issue):

"Right now, themes don't have a standard way of specifying how they display a post loop. Page Builder tries to guess which files in your theme it could use based on the conventions used by many themes, including the default WordPress themes.

You're still at the mercy of your theme though. The only solution is to ask your theme developer to include a loop.php file or a content.php file in the theme. They can check Twenty Twelve to see what needs to be in these files."

Does anyone know how I could make this work?

I'm not a coder. Wish I was. Am working at it...thank you:)

juggledad Jun 17, 2015 07:34 PM

The loop is in index.php. The odds of it being moved from there are slim.

anteem29 Jun 18, 2015 11:21 AM

Thank you for your quick reply! I guess I'll try it from the other end. Maybe the Site Origins creator can make it work. I just really liked the control the page builder gives me. If anyone has any suggestions for an alternative, for a non-coder type, I will heed expert advice. thank you

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