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TheSurvivalMom Jul 10, 2009 04:06 PM

How to add Google Analytics code
It's embarrassing to be such a novice at all this, but I cannot figure out how and where to insert the code in my Atahualpa 3.2 theme.

Exact instructions: Copy the following code block into every webpage you want to track immediately before the </body> tag.

Can you help me out?



juggledad Jul 10, 2009 05:21 PM

put it in ATO->HTML/CSS Inserts->HTML Inserts: Body Bottom

KyndFellow Apr 14, 2011 09:21 PM

You mean put it in HTML Inserts: "Header", not "Body Bottom". See my site's the source page at http://wowmacrosguide.com

This worked for me to track Google Analytics

GarethP Apr 15, 2011 02:58 AM

Or use one of the many Google Analytics Plug-ins...

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