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fromtheranks Jun 27, 2009 01:56 AM

WP-PageNavi Not Meant for Multi-Page Posts?
This might be, probably is, an embarrassing question but I've been trying to get something a bit more "aesthetic" to show up for multi-page posts than just Page 1 2 3 ...

I installed wp-pagenavi (which I discovered afterward has dire warnings about uninstalling it, as in you can only do that once) ... but it didn't have an affect on my multi-page posts.

I searched the plugin site for info on this and the whole subject of splitting post pages seems to be ignored.

Is this not the purpose of wp-pagenavi? Or at least not one of them?

And supposing I leave wp-pagenavi in ... then I have two different navigation looks.

If not wp-pagenavi, then what? The "Page 1 2 3 ..." is majorily boooring! :confused:

Thanks in advance.

P.S. I see the value of wp-pagenavi once you exceed the number of posts on the Home page ... but ... well ... if this one doesn't, isn't there a plugin that presents the same "look and feel" for split posts?

paulae Jun 27, 2009 04:56 AM

I've got page navi running, and it does work on multi-post pages: http://www.larchmontgazette.com/.

By the way, that's a good idea, having your OS, browser, WP and theme info right there in your posts! I'm going to do that too. You put that in the location field of your profile, I see. Nifty.

fromtheranks Jun 27, 2009 05:21 AM

You've got it working with split Posts? ... Wow! ... How? ...

Everything I looked at in, on and even remotely regarding wp-pagenavi seemed to completely ignore even the subject of multi-page posts. ...

Tell me, tell me ... :)

Just so I'm clear on what I'm talking about ... I mean taking a 30 page post and splitting it up into 2 or 3 pages with wp-pagenavi providing the page numbers at the bottom just as it does for pages filled with multiple posts. ... Yes?

paulae Jun 27, 2009 05:49 AM

Oh wait; sorry, I didn't mean split posts. Didn't read your post carefully enough, or the coffee hadn't kicked in yet. I just tried it by splitting an old article, and all I got at the bottom was the usual Page 1 2. And I don't see any option in the settings for this, either.

I wonder if there's another plugin that would do this for you.

fromtheranks Jun 27, 2009 03:19 PM

I hear you on the coffee. :) I've been practically living on it for the last couple of months while I've been learning this whole subject of blogging.

No problem on the misunderstanding. After I thought about it a moment, post reading your reply, I went back and added the "Just so I'm clear ..." bit, thinking maybe I hadn't been concise and precise enough.

That was one of the things I ran into while researching this particular subject, the term multi-page and split posts and so on are sort of sometimes used interchangeably.

Unfortunately, I don't know of another plugin that will do what I want, maybe someone else on the forum knows of one that will duplicate wp-pagenavi. ... Or. Maybe if we all "gang up" on the author of wp-pagenavi, with the argument of keeping a consistent, professional, "look and feel" he'll add it. :)

Thanks, Paulae.

fromtheranks Jun 29, 2009 05:56 PM

P.S. I got a nice e-mail back from Lester, regarding my asking him to add the multi-page logic, and he indicated that he wouldn't have time as he's getting ready to get back to school.

So. Someone else is going to have to invent a plugin for multi-page posts that will match his navigation scheme. ... Volunteers? :)

paulae Jun 29, 2009 06:04 PM

I wonder if the Hackadelic TOC plugin would help you?

fromtheranks Jun 29, 2009 06:06 PM


Thanks. And it has: http://forum.bytesforall.com/showthread.php?t=2214.

But, being obstinate I'd still like matching page nav on multi-page posts. :)

andyro Jun 1, 2010 06:47 PM

Has anyone found a multi-page post/split post better pagination plugin yet? I am tryong to do the same as fromtheranks explains with no results - yet...

andyro Jun 5, 2010 02:33 AM

Just FYI, I ended up with 'Multipage Toolkit' as a plugin and it simply does exactly what I expected it to, splitting multipage posts into tidy << 1, 2, 3 ALL >> links. I had to strip the ATO default pagination out since they don't go away on their own.

delete: <?php bfa_post_pagination('<p class="post-pagination"><strong>'.__('Pages:','atahualpa').'</strong>','</p>'); ?>

From the loop.

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