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TheHealthyHostess May 11, 2012 10:37 AM

[SOLVED] Error Message when Replacing Header
I have been getting the following error message when trying to put in my new header. Is this something I can fix?
Help please!!
I left hte message up on my site: www.thehealthyhostess.com

Warning: sort() expects parameter 1 to be array, string given in /home/content/07/5418807/html/wp-content/themes/atahualpa/functions/bfa_rotating_header_images.php on line 40

Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /home/content/07/5418807/html/wp-content/themes/atahualpa/functions/bfa_rotating_header_images.php on line 47

Warning: array_rand() [function.array-rand]: First argument has to be an array in /home/content/07/5418807/html/wp-content/themes/atahualpa/functions/bfa_header_config.php on line 302

Thanks somuch!

lmilesw May 11, 2012 11:23 AM

How are you putting in the new header? You should just be uploading images to the header folder.

TheHealthyHostess May 11, 2012 11:24 AM

Yes! I am just putting them in the header image folder. Any tips on what could be wrong?

lmilesw May 11, 2012 11:33 AM

Did you have images that were working? What are the image file names?

TheHealthyHostess May 11, 2012 11:39 AM

or this one:

juggledad May 11, 2012 11:50 AM

Make sure the images are in the atahualpa/images/header folder.
Are there any other images there?
What are the file permissions?

TheHealthyHostess May 11, 2012 12:54 PM

The permissions are set to :
Web visible
Web: read
Owner : read write

juggledad May 11, 2012 12:57 PM

This error happens when the theme can't find any files in the 'header' folder. To verify a file is there you should be able to enter the full path of the image in the browser address bar and the image should appear. If it doesn't this error will occure.

TheHealthyHostess May 11, 2012 01:41 PM

that is the path...does that seem right or make sense?
When I put it in my browser window it does show up?!

juggledad May 11, 2012 01:50 PM

The files need to be on the server so the path would be
HTML Code:

it's the folder that the default images were in.

TheHealthyHostess May 14, 2012 06:11 AM

Hmm.. it looks like it's in that folder. Any tips on making sure it is?

juggledad May 14, 2012 06:21 AM

Check the file permissions

TheHealthyHostess May 14, 2012 06:22 AM

Should it be a jpg file instead of jpeg? Does that matter? What about gif file? Would that work?

juggledad May 14, 2012 06:24 AM

If it is a jpg use that extension

TheHealthyHostess May 14, 2012 06:57 AM

The file I was sent was labeled jpeg. Should I ask my designer for the jpg?

juggledad May 14, 2012 07:32 AM

try renaming it to .jpg

TheHealthyHostess May 14, 2012 10:00 AM

Still not working. It keep coming up on my computer as a jpeg. Is there a setting I can change?
Thanks so much for your patience!

lmilesw May 14, 2012 10:10 AM


Originally Posted by TheHealthyHostess (Post 85081)
Still not working. It keep coming up on my computer as a jpeg.

Can you explain what you mean but that? Are you making the changes on the server or on your desktop? Do you use an FTP client for these changes?

TheHealthyHostess May 14, 2012 10:31 AM

I use GoDaddy FTP client but have been making the changes on my laptop (Mac). I try resaving the image as a jpg but it saves as jpeg. Should that make a difference?
What should I try? Should I save them differently on the ftp client?

TheHealthyHostess May 14, 2012 10:37 AM


I changed the name of hte file on my ftp client and look at what it did! So confused!

lmilesw May 14, 2012 10:53 AM

What is confusing. Now your image is showing although you need to change your height setting in ATO>Header Image

TheHealthyHostess May 14, 2012 12:14 PM

Thank you so much! I resized the header and it's working!
Thank you Thank you Thank you!

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