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Seijun Feb 5, 2010 10:52 PM

[SOLVED] I feel like im working with a blindfold on...
I just installed wordpress and am trying to convert my site's static html/css theme over by modifying the atahualpa 3.4.5 theme. So far, the going is horrible. The options don't let me put pics in the menu or change the menu width or positioning at all. It gives an option to insert my own css but I can't see what selectors are being used already so I cant modify anything that way...
My original CSS is:


#nav li:hover ul {display:block; position:absolute; left:0;}
#nav li:hover a {color:#CC4400; background:url(../images/barline2.gif) repeat-x;}
#nav li:hover ul li a {color:#333333; background:#77DD66;}
#nav li:hover ul li a:hover {background:#99FF99;}

#nav li {
 border-left:1px solid #668844;

#nav li a {
 padding:0 5px 0 5px;
#nav li ul {
#nav li ul li {
 border-left:1px solid #668844;
 border-right:1px solid #668844;
 border-bottom:1px solid #668844;

Basically what it does for me is give me a parent menu list (105px wide for each item) on the far RIGHT of the page with white font and with a background image repeated across the entire menu. Mouseover changes the font color to orange and also changes the bg image (and brings up a dropdown menu of secondary items). Secondary menu items (also 105px wide) all have a grey font color and a solid dark green bg color, but mouseover changes their bg color to light green (font color stays grey). All together, there are two bg images, two solid bg colors, and three font colors used in this menu.
How do I get all that to work on atahualpa??
Moreover, parent items have a 1px solid border on the right and left but NOT top and bottom, and secondary items have a 1px border on left, right, and bottom. Not a solid border all around like the options insist on (and changing the border color to match the bg wont work for me since i intend to have the bg be an image, not a color).

juggledad Feb 6, 2010 07:18 AM

to see the code that Atahualpa builde for the menu, view a page and then view the source of the page.

The menu code is built on the Ruthsarian's rMenu (http://webhost.bridgew.edu/etribou/layouts/
modified by Bytes For All http://wordpress.bytesforall.com/ - in case you want more info about it)

Seijun Feb 6, 2010 06:42 PM

Thanks for the tip!

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