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j_apel Apr 27, 2010 10:56 AM

How to install a custom-avatars plug-in called "Avatars" into Atahualpa Theme 3.4.5
I am trying to get a plug-in working with my Atahualpa theme called Avatars, by Sterling Adventures. The plug-in is supposed to allow users to upload their own "local" avatars or draw from a file that you can upload to your server, inside of your theme files (wp-content) of custom avatars. I have uploaded and activated the plug-in, but the issue for me is how to get the php code inserted correctly so that the plug-in will work.

Here is the address to the plug-in homepage where the instructions appear for the plug-in.:


The instructions say to insert some php code into certain files - the comments.php and single.php files, as well as some of the theme files. To start with here are some of the instructions:

• The code to include in your template files is documented on the Users Avatars page too. To start with try:
o Put get_avatars($comment); inside the comments loop of your comments.php template file to show the comment author’s avatar.
o Put get_avatar($post->post_author); in your single.php template file to show the post author’s avatar. You’ll need to declare global $post; in the file too.

I tried to do this, and first discovered that Atahualpa doesn't have a single.php file, but found another post instructing on to insert code into the index.php file, to make it include a single command with your code inside:

<?php if ( is_single() ) { ?>


global $post;

<?php } ?>

Above you can see how I inserted this, and placed the code into the index.php file, but the problem is that when I inserted the code, it shows up now onscreen, above the comments field, and does nothing as far as inserting the avatars. I have also tried moving it around in the index.php file, and it still shows up onscreen on the blog itself.

There are some other instructions on the Avatars plug-in Settings page, in the WP panel that require you to insert something into your template files, but I have no idea where this should go, or how to put it into a template file, or if it can be done through the Atahualpa theme control panel in WP, even:

Put this code in your template files where you want avatars to appear:

<?php $avtr = get_avatar(id [, size [, default-image-url]]); echo $avtr; ?>

which template file shoudl this go in, and where exactly?

In addition, in the Avatars Settings panel inside the WP control panel for the theme, it says for User uploads, you need to specify a path/url for your avatars folder:

"If allowed, use this directory for user avatar uploads, e.g. /avatars. Must have write access and is relative to /home/kennedy/public_html."

here is the path I specified in the field given for this:

Any help or advice is appreciated. I hope that I have interpreted the instructions and the plug-in capabilities correctly. I was not able to get any help from the plug-in creator, so that is why I have posted this question here. Thank you, and if you need more information, just email me! :)

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