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Shepherd Jim Mar 14, 2009 10:55 AM

[SOLVED] How should top level "button" work on a menu bar?
Looking at Andy's (shedhed) website http://www.rhodieridgeback.com cited in an adjoining thread, I noticed that if you click on a top level "button caption" on his site, Eg. "The Pro Stuff" on Andy's site, you go to the first dropdown page, "Louis' Pedigree."

But, if you look at my website http://www.hatchtown.com and click on menu bar top level button "Tools", you go to a page "Tools", NOT the first dropdown choice which is "Spindles"

Which method is better? ...more common? Is there a way to make the Atahualpa menu bars behave like Andy's?

shedhed Mar 14, 2009 01:18 PM

I use a plugin for that - it's called "Page Links To" by Mark Jaquith.


I then redirect the top level menu page to the first sub level page.

Hope that helps.


Shepherd Jim Mar 14, 2009 02:30 PM

Thanks Andy! I'll be checking that out pretty quick now.

It's not necessarilly that we do not want there to be a top level page. It's that we're concerned that people might not even know there's a page there and would always "miss" it by assuming they had to move down and select one the sub levels.

But then, of course, we feel that IF someone does choose the top level page, there should be some sort of menu/nav facility ON that page enabling to then go on to the sub levelp pages without having to go back up to the menu bar.

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