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Lisa Feb 28, 2009 06:08 PM

comment form shows on pages but not posts - why?
Hi everyone,

Great template - I love it, but I have a little annoying problem on a site I am working on for a friend.

I have a visable comments form on the pages, but not on post. I want the form showing as it makes it more obvious for readers to make comments.

examples are:
a page and a sample post

I don't know if it is relevant but I have noticed that at the bottom of the pages the form is titled 'Leave a reply' but the link at the bottom of the posts state 'leave a comment'. Is this anything to do with it?

<?php // Load Comments template (on single post pages, and "Page" pages, if set on options page)
if ( is_single() OR ( is_page() && $bfa_ata_comments_on_pages == "Yes") ) {
if (function_exists('paged_comments')) {
paged_comments_template(); // If plugin "Paged Comments" is activated, for WP 2.6 and older
} else {
comments_template(); // This will load either legacy comments template (for WP 2.6 and older) or the new standard comments template (for WP 2.7 and newer)

I read in a previous thread that it may have to do with the index.php so I have pasted that section here incase it helps.

I am using wordpress 2.7

Your help would really be appreciated.

Thank you


Flynn Mar 3, 2009 07:49 AM

Everything seems alright. The link you posted as "post" is in fact a category link. Once you click on the post in that category you're taken to the single post page with comment form

Lisa Mar 4, 2009 05:14 AM

I must have been having a Homer Simpson moment ' Doh'

Sorry for wasting your time Flynn.

I really do love this template. The one I mentioned above was for a friend of mine. I am now going to change mine over to this as well. I love it (did I say that already)

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