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jfrenaye Jun 6, 2009 11:49 AM

Posts/Excerpt Problem
I upgraded and have the settings correct I believe. I am looking to have 10 posts per page (this is set in the SETTINGS-->READING) and then the first 5 posts as full posts, and the remainder just excerpts on the front page. Subsequent pages are all excerpts.

On the theme settings under POSTS/EXCERPTS I have the first setting as EXCERPTS ONLY and then the next setting as SHOW THE FIRST 5 (have also changed that number and the number in the settings and still no go)

It is showing the full 10 posts as full posts on the front page and then the following pages are excerpts.

Also, I would like to know the cost for someone to modify the CSS (I am not confident in myself) for the Block Quote to be a large quote mark before a block quote on the left, and a large quote mark at the end of the block quote on the bottom right. The color of the quote mark would be similat to the current background color of the block quote.

the url is


BradBrown Jun 8, 2009 09:47 AM

I've never tried mixing full posts and excerpts on a single page, so I can't help you there. I can give you some info on your blockquote issue.

I don't think it's possible to do exactly what you want in all browsers with CSS only. I can explain the technical issues involved if you're interested.

If you're willing to settle for just an opening quote, it's very simple. I did a quick search and found an example here: http://www.cssnewbie.com/example/styling-blockquotes/. (You can find the code explained here: http://www.cssnewbie.com/six-ways-style-blockquotes/)

If you really want both opening and closing quotes that work in pretty much any browser, there are ways to do it, but you have to add extra HTML markup or Javascript.

To have images of both an opening and closing quote, you can add some extra HTML. For example, every time you create a blockquote, you can insert an extra DIV inside it. The CSS can use this extra DIV to display the closing quote image. In theory, a Wordpress plugin could automatically add the extra markup behind the scenes, but as far as I know, none exists.

There also is a way to use CSS to insert actual quote characters instead of images. Unfortunately, this isn't supported by all browsers, and it would be more difficult to style it so it looks "pretty" in all browsers. (It is possible to use javascript to get this to work in most browsers, but IMHO, it would add more complication than it's worth.)


juggledad Jun 8, 2009 10:10 AM

You have a plugin 'KonaFilter' that is changing the way post are handled - deavtivate it and see if the problem ges away

jfrenaye Jun 10, 2009 01:47 PM

I tried deactivating the Kontera plug in (it is an ad link service) and no go.

Would you (juggledad) be able/willing to quote me on modifying the block quote above?

juggledad Jun 10, 2009 06:36 PM

2 Attachment(s)
I'd love to charge you hundreds of $$ but it too easy to do this.
1) add the following to ATO->HTML/CSS Inserts->CSS Inserts
HTML Code:

blockquote {
margin: 1em 0;
border: 1px solid #ddd;
background: url(./wp-content/openquote.gif) 5px 5px no-repeat;
padding-top: 30px;
blockquote p { padding: 0 70px; }
blockquote p.source {
background: url(./wp-content/closequote.gif) no-repeat 100% 100%;
padding-bottom: 30px;
margin: 0 5px 5px 0;
text-align: right;
font-style: italic;

2) change your </blockquote> to
HTML Code:

<p class="source"> Author Unknown</p></blockquote>
make sure to replace 'Author Unknown' with the author of the quote

3) add the following two gif's to your wp-contents directory
openquote.gif - Attachment 155
closequote.gif - Attachment 156

4) test it out and if it works send juggledad a donation :)

paul_williams Oct 28, 2009 09:48 AM

Nice! I didn't even know I wanted to do this until I read the post.
Regrettably small donation on its way.

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