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squinx Feb 27, 2014 10:57 AM

Using Juggledad's multi column/custom query, how to set sidebars?
Hi there,

As mentioned, I am using Juggledad's multi column/custom query template fro my post homepage. I was not able to set my blog in the WP reader settings as this page being my blog page for the template to work, so I am wondering what the workaround is to manage my sidebars.

I am hoping to get the inner right sidebar to show up on this page and single post pages. It shows up on single posts because of my settings in the Atahualpa settings, but I have tried to set it to my post home page without success. If I choose "homepage" and "frontpage" I have tried to get it to ignore my front static home page page by using the page id of my static homepage, that doesn't work, I have tried to use a plugin such as "Display Widgets" and even that ignores my request to have it show up on my designated page. Anyone know a workaround? Thanks in advance.

I have the current versions of Wp and Atahualpa.

juggledad Feb 27, 2014 11:23 AM

let's say you have created a page called 'News' and assigned the template to it and you want this with the landing page and it should show the right inner sidebar while other pages should show the right sidebar

1) go to Settings->Reading and set the 'Front page displays' to 'a Static page' and set 'Front page:' to 'News'
2) go to ATO->Style & configure SIDEBARS->RIGHT INNER sidebar: Display on: and check the box next to 'Front Page'

at this point your site should show the 'New page with the right inner sidebar. If the Right sidebar is also showing, go to ATO->Style & configure SIDEBARS->RIGHT sidebar: Display on: and uncheck the box next to 'Front Page'

squinx Feb 27, 2014 11:40 AM

Does this make a difference if it is actually my post home page that I am using the template on, not the static front page? My homepage has already been assigned, is static, and I can assign sidebars easily to it.

In Wp > settings > reading > I have static page selected. Front page > Welcome. Post page > nothing. since then the template gets ignored.


I am able assign the inner right sidebar to this page if I select the "show on Page" option in
the Atahualpa settings, but I don't want it to show on any static pages, so i would rather not use that option unless I have to.

squinx Feb 27, 2014 12:15 PM

Did my response get deleted, or just get lost somehow? I don't mean to re-post.

Forgive me if I am reading this wrong, but what if I already have a static front page in place that I can already set sidebars easily on?

In Wp > Settings > Reading > I have static page set as "welcome". I have nothing set as my post page because the template doesn't pick up if I do.


Blog Page

I am able to get the inner sidebars to show up on my blog page if I set it to the "show on page pages" option in the Atahualpa settings, but then I would have to hide it on all other pages, so I am looking for a simpler way.

I am able to set

juggledad Feb 27, 2014 03:21 PM

There is an old thread that documents how to switch the 'xxxxx sidebar: Don't display on Pages:' to ''xxxxx sidebar: Only display on Pages:'. Not sure if it will still work, but try it and if it doesn't work, give me the thread link and I'll take a look when I get a chance.

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