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jack96161 Sep 15, 2009 08:41 PM

[SOLVED] Help -- can't access site!
After many hours setting up a site using the IP address prior to pointing the real domain name to this site, I logged into the admin page, went to Settings -> General, and changed the Wordpress address and blog address to the actual domain name, then hit Save Changes. The domain name I entered is currently parked, awaiting final DNS registration.

I was immediately transferred to the parking location (on GoDaddy) and now cannot access either the site (I get a page stating "No input file specified.", nor can I access the admin page.

I assume I screwed up the Wordpress address in the SQL database, but what do I do now? I have days and days of work sitting in that database with all the Atahualpha settings -

I know this is probably a Wordpress question, not theme, but I'm frantic for any help I can find...


jack96161 Sep 16, 2009 01:29 AM

OK -- panic resolved... I managed to use phpMyadmin to make a correction to the 'siteurl' entry I had messed up. Very scary when you can't access the admin page at all, and if that setting is wrong, there's no way to correct it without dipping into the database directly.


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