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jonnyphoto Apr 21, 2009 05:07 AM

[SOLVED] Widgets Have dissapeard from my sidebars
When I changed settings to show full posts only, rather than just excerpts and then went back to my site, two of my widgets had dissapeard, pages and recent posts.

I followed instructions from the forum about removing these widgets from previous themes but I still have a blank sidebar and my site is now rendered unusable.

Please HELP!

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jonnyphoto Apr 21, 2009 05:24 AM

when I remove all widgets I get this in the sidebar

To put some content here, go to Site Admin -> Appearance/Presentation -> Widgets -> Select "Left Sidebar" -> Click "Show" -> Click on "Add" on one of the widgets on the left side -> Click "Save changes" -> Done

but when I activate the widgets the sidebar is just blank???

I am able to add the Meta widget but Page and Recent Posts are not showing still???

jonnyphoto Apr 21, 2009 06:12 AM

I have been back through my previous themes and looked for previously installed widgets and I can't see any, but when I was in the Classic WP theme I could see the widgets that I have the problem with. When I then activated The Page widget all the widgets then dissapeared! and when I removed the Page widget they appeared again!

Clearly something is hanging on to these widgets because they show up in classic but only when not activated, but I can't find where they are.

Could they be stuck in a previously, but now deleted Theme? and if so how can I free them up?

I tried a few different themes 2-3 months ago and have now removed them because they were nothing compared to the great Atahualpa! but this could be a big problem now.

jonnyphoto Apr 21, 2009 06:19 AM


I found a zip file version of an old Atahualpa theme on my FTP site and as soon as I deleted the Zip file.....Hey presto all seems fine!

Please close this thread.

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