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SamBarker Jun 23, 2010 05:22 PM

Custom link in category bar
Hi guys!

Thanks for all the great work you do.

I just wanted to know if there was a way of placing a custom link in the category bar which doesnt link to a category.

Basically what I am trying to do is provide a link for users on my webpage to post a new post (my users use the blog system as a noticeboard).

So ultimately it would be a link after the last category saying "Post New Notice" and would link to the page.

I'm dealing with a group who are not the most computer literate so if I could implement this it would be great!



juggledad Jun 25, 2010 08:17 AM

Search thru the forum, you will find posts showing how to add extra links too the page menubar, it should be the same for the category menubar

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